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Illumined Arts is the brainchild of Licia Berry, who believes that the creative, sacred and transformative (or healing) arts are the most effective whole-brain awareness tools to remember your BRILLIANCE.  The mission of the work of Illumined Arts is to assist you to own your divinity, your power, your truth, your wholeness.  

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Are you ready to claim your inner knowing?

Come home to yourself!  Learn how to work with your personal energy systems and feel the magic in your life again.

Personal Energy Mechanics System (PEMS) eCourses for Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual integration and bliss!  


Post Traumatic GROWTH (PTG) Summit 2015

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Seeking relevant experts in the PTG field. Contact Licia Berry to join this important event, and stay tuned for details by signing up for our newsletter or like our Facebook page.


Hi, I’m Licia Berry, and I’m a mom, wife, artist, author, educator, mentor, speaker, advocate and leader.  My work plays in the intersection of psychology, neurology,  spirituality and creativity, and my devotion is to bring more consciousness to the world.  My mission is to inspire women, men and young people to self discovery, self management, self leadership and self acceptance.  My greatest desire is that everyone understand and experience themselves as absolutely beautiful and WHOLE in their uniqueness.

To me, light is a perfect metaphor and symbol for consciousness.  This is why my business is called “Illumined Arts”.  When something is in the light, it can be seen.  When we can see something, we have a greater opportunity to transform it.

You are brilliant…Access your inner lightbulb!

I specialize in whole brain integration and communication, utilizing creative arts, sensory motor integration, mindfulness and subtle energy techniques for discovery, healing and balance.  This has a multitude of applications: in organizational development, in leadership, in family systems, trauma recovery (both psychological and physical), in relationships, and in personal transformation.  My work to discover, learn about, refine and accept myself  has resulted in years of earned experience and ownership of my unique blend of skills.  As I change, my work changes to reflect my updated version, similar to a new operating system.  As soon as I have mastered a new skill, it finds its way into my work.

My professional experience includes teaching, training, social services and positions of leadership. My life took a turn for the better when I chose to devote my occupation to my natural passion for bettering the world through conscious communication. I am an avid learner with a strong scientific curiousity, and share what I discover, creating a true information exchange that is very exciting to me. The mediums through which I communicate include the image, written and spoken word, and healing and intuitive arts.

“…A multimedia storyteller that changes hearts and lives…”

I have been an observer of human behavior since very young; my interest in the mind extends to my study and utilization of Whole Brain techniques to facilitate shifts in awareness.  The more I utilize both hemispheres of my brain, the more I understand the world and our consciousness.  I share about what I find when I put my finger on the pulse of the cosmos.

“Licia is an intuitive and eloquent articulator of the flow of consciousness.”

As a prolific writer and teacher, I offer ebooks, books and articles about my observations and experiences.  Please see them on my Shop page.

I also offer classes, workshops, and individual sessions for personal growth, healing, and self-discovery through creative expression.  I am an educator, panelist and speaker about the links between creativity and autobiography, and the role of subjectivity and personal histories in constructing art.  I find creativity in its many forms to be the easiest and most direct path to Self.

One of my tools is collage, the use and assembly of images, to access the vast store of knowledge in the right brain. Through my unique Whole Brain collage technique, the participant is able to access information that is otherwise hidden from the traditional means of inquiry. Collage participants are always amazed by the insights they receive by allowing their right brain to speak to them through imagery!

“…Utilizing creativity to access inner wisdom…”

I offer specialty Custom Collage Retreats as well as themed playshops which delve into specific topics. We travel to your location to facilitate this illuminating process.  I also offer art, individual facilitation, women’s circles, retreats, playshops, teleclasses, books and ebooks, and am available for speaking engagements. A devotee of the Great Mystery, my work is influenced by idealism in the mystical traditions.

I hope you are benefitted by exploring my art, my writing, and my other offerings to raise the light in this world.

In loving service,

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