Licia BerryHi, I’m Licia Berry.  I’m so glad you’re here!

I believe you are unique and BRILLIANT!  My mission is to assist you to own your divinity, your power, your truth, and your wholeness in this exciting time.

My work plays in the intersection of psychology, neurobiology,  creativity and spirituaity, and my devotion is to bring more consciousness to the world.  My greatest desire is that everyone understand and experience themselves as absolutely beautiful and WHOLE in their uniqueness.


My work to discover, learn about, refine and accept myself…to trust that I am the expert of my own experience…has resulted in years of earned ownership of my unique blend of skills.  I specialize in strength-based systems analysis, whole brain integration and communication, utilizing creative arts, mindfulness and subtle energy techniques for discovery, healing and balance.  This has a multitude of applications: in personal transformation, in leadership, in family systems, in trauma recovery (both psychological and physical), in relationships, in organizations and groups.  I have developed an extensive curriculum catalog to teach, empower and enlighten.

This is all offered in the spirit of each of us coming into our fullness and true power.


Love Letter – A Message of Comfort, Self Care and Sanity in Stimulating Times (2008)
Earth and the human race have arrived at an unprecedented opportunity for growth, understanding and expansion. With human existence at a crisis point, many of us are struggling to keep our heads above water. The fear, grief and anger that is being experienced by humanity is unnecessary, however. Addressing questions [more]
Finding our Mothers…excerpt from I Am Her Daughter
"Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.” -Mary Oliver The little girl stumbles through the dark woods. Her hair, tangled and her face and clothes, dirty. She sometimes calls out, but hearing no one, [more]
New Year Illumined Collage DISCOVERY BOARD (c) Retreat MP3
New Year Illumined Collage DISCOVERY BOARD © Retreat with Licia Berry MP3  (90 minutes of instruction) for only $19.95! PURCHASE THE MP3 HERE Join Licia for her patent-pending Illumined Collage DISCOVERY BOARD (c) Process, where you create a whole-brain collage for your new year that will show you the themes, lessons, supports [more]
SOUL COMPOST – Making Good Medicine out of Bad Medicine, 2012
The choice to make good from her challenges was a decision to “compost” the adversity in her life, growing a thriving, enlivened being full of heart. With a keen eye of observation and understanding as well as startling insights about the evolution of human consciousness, the author shares an inspiring [more]