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Who Are You Becoming?

How do we effectively, truthfully, kindly yet courageously let go of our previous self?

We go into the change with the spirit of initiation.

Camino imageA woman’s transition from mother, life partner and/or public servant is one of life’s great journeys, and is a powerful time for her soul. A threshold into who she is becoming, she can travel it with grace and wisdom. Who she is for the rest of her life depends on how she navigates it now.


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Licia Berry

My professional experience includes 25 years in education and training, with keen interests in psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, fine art and learning styles.

My search has been to find a way to explain mystical experience through logical language. Through a grounded, practical and even scientific approach, I bring left brain language to right brain experiences (such as mystical experience).

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I Am Her Daughter

An experiential guide to mend the relationship between us and our selves, through the miracle of self love.

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Daughters of Earth™

A community of women committed to self-actualization, personal growth, and leadership

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Aquarian Gospels

A curriculum developed by Licia & Peter Berry during their family odyssey to reclaim love as their center.

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Recent Articles

Ancestral Memory is What Will Get Us Through This

Well.  Here we are. The #Covid19 ( #CoronaVirus) is gripping Earth with its talons, waking us from our slumber and disconnection. We are seeing unprecedented giving, opening of hearts, and creativity. The pouring out of generosity is heartening, beautiful, hopeful,...

#100Days…for Our Future

Hello dear heart, I co-sponsored and spoke at the wonderful Lead Her Up Retreat last weekend here in Florida. One of the helpful exercises offered was to write a 100 Day Letter to take women's business and leadership further. But as I ruminate over the world's current...

The Ceremonial Hole – Into the Earth for the Dark Work

(Written March 2018, but unpublished) I am in a Hole. I know this Hole well. It's the one I fell into when i began my recovery from childhood abuses back in 1989. Back then, it felt like a slippery-sided aluminum can big enough to hold the whole world. it was dark,...

#DaughtersOfEarth – Coming Home to Our Mother

Excerpt from I AM Her Daughter - The Healing Path to a Woman's Power, (c) Licia Berry 2014-2018 The cherished daughter. How often do we hear of a cherished daughter?  Yes, there are those who know that a daughter is to be cherished; we hear about the occasional girl...

2018 – an extraordinary opportunity in Year of the Brown Earth Dog

Hurray for 2018, year of the Brown Earth Dog! Hi there! Did you know it's really NOT new year yet? If you follow the Gregorian Calendar, obviously, it IS the new year as of January 1st. But if you follow a lunar calendar (one based in Nature, like the Chinese...

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