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Licia Berry

A 35 year teaching veteran in the creative arts, whole brain communication, ancestral intelligence, leadership, land-based learning, Licia has impacted young and adult learners in public schools, state agencies, non-profits, corporate environments, universities and the private sector.

Licia also has a keen desire to empower women and strengthen families through HeartSong Foundation and HeartSong Institute, her passion projects. Learn more here.

#LeadingByBeing Women’s Leadership curriculum. Techniques include Inner Tribe ™ Integration work, Whole Brain Communication, Sacred Systems work, Brain Gym, Psych-K, and post traumatic energy re-integration.

My search has been to find a way to explain mystical experience through logical language. Through a grounded, practical and even scientific approach, I bring left brain language to right brain experiences (such as mystical experience).

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I Am Her Daughter

An experiential guide to mend the relationship between us and our selves, through the miracle of self love.

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Daughters of Earth™

A community of women committed to self-actualization, personal growth, and leadership

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Aquarian Gospels

A curriculum developed by Licia & Peter Berry during their family odyssey to reclaim love as their center.

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Turn Emotional Pain into your Prize

Hello, and welcome to article three in a three-part series, taken from my Brand Builders TV episode I am not a Victim, I am Victorious (Part One). In the video, I talk about the definition of the word victim, about my own story of darkness and pain…and most...

Taking Time to Step Out of Darkness and Celebrate in the Light

Women work with me all over the globe. Typically, a client relationship will begin with them reaching out via my website to start a conversation about what working with me “looks like”. What they really want to know is what will I experience when I work with you...

A Journey Through VIP Retreat with Licia and Peter Berry

We have chosen to remain anonymous in this blog so to share in the most authentic way about our experience on retreat with Licia and Peter Berry. I have been working 1:1 with Licia for quite some time now and have experienced tremendous growth as a human, as a...

Navigating The Mother Wound

The video above was taken from a time that I was on the road for my book tour. I was promoting my (then) recently written book, “I Am Her Daughter: The Healing Path To A Woman’s Power.” What a joy it was to get to share the wisdom that I was given with the women and...

Why Should I Join the Daughters of Earth Project With Licia Berry

Women around the world seem to be coming to an awakening. Are you noticing it as well? Boundaries are being set where there were no boundaries before. We are seeing people actually talking about their trauma instead of tucking it away, never to be seen or spoken...