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Creative Vision Quest 2013!

A TeleCircle for Visionary Women!

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Art, journey, life, transformation.

Are you in need of a vision?  2013 is a new start, a new world.  Who will you be?

You have the answers inside of you.

Every Woman Needs a Vision.  And Every Woman is a Visionary.  Women naturally access the right brain, valuing the input of the brain hemisphere that gets the Big Picture.

Life is art, and we are its creators.  Join us as we follow the path of our inner labyrinth into our center, discovering the treasure of vision and bringing it outward into our lives.

Join Licia, a veteran Vision Questor, for a unique, hands-on experience for women in which you build your vision for 2013.  In 8 telecalls, you will discover meaning and magic in your life through creative activities that reveal your True Self.

8 weekly teleclasses with art journaling, ritual, and archetype prompts to vision your new year and get it off to a loving, raucus start.  Creative assignments sent by email before and after each call; live calls will be recorded and sent to participants (so, no worries if you miss one-but you won’t want to miss any of these luscious calls.)

Labyrinth 475x456 E courses and Teleclasses

A delicious journey inward that spirals outward and inward again.

Begins on the Lunar New Year

Sunday, February 10, 2013

5:00-6:30 pm Eastern

and continues for a total of 8 Sundays:

Feb. 10, Feb. 17, Feb. 24, March 3, March 10, March 17, March 24, March 31


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“I had a great awakening at your collage retreat! It was thrilling to feel my spirit-consciousness guiding my mind and my hand to the images for my collage. I could feel my heart pounding faster and faster as my hands flipped page after page of each magazine. When the collage was finished I felt that instead of peeping through the keyhole of the door I’d been staring at for so long, I’d actually opened the door and taken a step over the threshold. I feel like I came home to myself, and I am happy to find that I’m still “juicy” and exciting!!”

-Cindy Sbrissa, Mosaic Artist, http://sites.google.com/site/mysticmosaics

“The day couldn’t have been more perfect for turning inward. Even still the connections with and feedback from the other women was beautiful. I was able to label and give form to some nebulous memories and concepts that were previously just out of reach. I could feel them just beneath the surface but with your guidance, my collage brought them forward clearly so I could begin to heal and implement them.

I love that I was prodded to trust my intuition; confirmation that I’m totally on the “right” track; the points in my history where I can see the various aspects (of my life) at work, the connections and how their intricacies play out in my life; and most of all how to bring it all into focus and actualize it. And I absolutely *love* my finished product!

Thanks again for an incredible experience!”

-Angela Ivy, www.angelaivy.com

“I very much admire and respect you for your connection to Spirit, for your intelligence, compassion, playfulness, vulnerability, the experiences you’ve had. You are an amazing Wise Woman, Licia. You set a fabulous example of a leader, teacher, mother, wife, while still being human! Thank you! I’m always on the look-out for people who set an example of how I may want to be as a leader/teacher and you are one of them. You carry such immense wisdom and wonderful gifts, yet you don’t set yourself apart from others. I so appreciate that.”

-Lisa Dieken, http://www.WildCreativeHeart.com , after attending several teleclasses

“I have been to many “treasure mapping, vision board” workshops for years and I feel what you offered was clear, simple, unique, well presented, and very different. I feel the context that you set was your own unique brand and that is valuable. I have already made 2 more boards and still working on more. You provided something that we can use for a lifetime.”

“Licia Berry is a kind and articulate facilitator who sets the stage for our own process and is supportive of our vision quest.”

“I would say that Licia is “Love personified” that she is the least judgmental person I have ever met, and that those qualities flow into her work with others.”

“I want to thank you Licia for allowing us to feel safe and secure. It was a GREAT experience for me. I loved that you allowed all of us to work without interruption. The group exercises in the beginning really helped me come into the center and open myself to the process. I can honestly say that this was one of the BEST experiences I have had and I am glad that I allowed this event to enter into my life.”

“Lica is a great facilitator!!! She offers you a safe and secure place to enter in the process of collaging. There was no feeling of judgment just a feeling of BEING…..I Loved the entire experience and would recommend this to anyone who is interested in self exploration.”

“I just want to thank you so much for the beautiful retreat yesterday! I was able to really get in touch with some deep areas of hurt and uncover another layer for access to healing. I think my day to day life is so busy that I am surprised when I slow down enough to tune in and find something new in myself I was unaware of or out of touch with. I got such CLEAR guidance both before, during, and after the retreat that is WOWing me! It was such an affirmation of my intuitive gifts. I took some time today to reach inward and hold that teenage girl part of me and it was very healing. I know there is more work to do and I feel supported to do so.”

-Liza B.

“I liked the time to reflect and the chance to be in a group of women…I liked witnessing other’s tender emotions. I like being heard expressing mine. I liked being reminded of how important it is to spend time loving myself, figuring out what that means and how. Licia is wise, kind, helpful, loving, insightful, present.”

-Anne Hempel, Artist, www.annehempel.com

“What I loved about “Faces of Her” teleclass was that it gave me a whole new understanding of the divine feminine and how she resides in me. The material and delivery of it had breadth and depth, and was very heart opening. It felt like a safe, supportive atmosphere to relax into and share what was most true for me.

I highly recommend “Faces of Her” teleclass for women who are ready to explore how strong and amazing they really are. It’s a heart centered yet pragmatic course that helps you activate the ancient wisdom held lovingly and safely in your own body. I have nothing for praise about Licia Berry. She facilitated such important and necessary info with grace, beauty, and ease.”

“I really admire your sense of professionalism. Your e-mails, PDFs, collages, and classes are heartfelt and beautiful, but also sophisticated, polished, and well organized.”

“I trust her work. Licia is a very genuine person and that is important to me.”

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