Know Yourself, Master Yourself, Heal Yourself

Daughter’s of the Earth ™ Involutionary Program

Can you feel the intensity as Earth (and humanity) are transforming and growing?

The planet is undergoing unprecedented social upheaval. After 5000-6000 years of patriarchal culture, the populous is ready for a new age of Aquarian dynamics: Power-With, Partnership, Equality, Freedom, and Collaboration. Because the Feminine Principle was buried deep within the memory of the Earth, our bodies as women are the key to unlock the feminine wisdom that can save us as a species and unleash a new era of belonging.

Be the change you seek in the world.

Together we can create a wave of change, one ripple at a time that can usher in the Aquarian Era that seeks to be born through us. We can be the midwives of a Era of shared power where women are the leaders who will create a world safe for everyone, where everyone is valued for who they are! Join me now so that we can transform the current broken dynamic into the golden age we seek. If we don’t take action to claim the life we want, who will?

I believe women all over the world are awakening to a new era of Earth’s evolution. Do you feel this shift? Are you being called to share your gift?

The Daughters of Earth ™ Program is based in solid lived experiences of thousands of women and backed by the sciences of neuroscience, psychology, physics, quantum mechanics, biology, and anatomy, and threaded together by indigenous ancestral medicine. It is the best of all women’s actualization curriculum because it includes a holistic, transpersonal approach (so it does the opposite of what the patriarchal thought process does, which is to isolate, disconnect and separate us from our home (Earth), the Land, the Waters, our body, and our soul.) The Daughters Of Earth ™ Program connects, heals, and re-members us into the embrace of our planet, which powers our bodies with ancient memory, ancestral support, and wisdom to guide and midwife the new era.

Understand yourself as a Divine Spiritual Being

Sometimes, it’s about finding clarity about the next phase in life. Sometimes, there is a sense of calling or purpose. Sometimes there’s a creative block, or a relationship obstacle, or a family dynamic that is seeking to be transformed.

Whatever your reason, you will find self-understanding and a greater understanding of how we all operate on all levels in a physical world.

Daughters of Earth™ Program

  • A curated journey through the Daughters of Earth™️ Library – includes Track One: Know Yourself, Track Two: Master Yourself, Track Three: Heal Yourself
  • Daughters of Earth™️ Facebook Group for sisterhood, global community and collaboration with international purpose driven women devoted to the betterment of humanity through partnership and wholeness
  • Licia’s famous Energy Updates (since 2003!) about solar, lunar, space, Earth and other weather!
  • LIVE videos, masterclasses, and materials in our closed Facebook group
  • Invitation to collaborate with other Culture Shifting women beyond the borders of Daughters of Earth™️  community
  • Digital copy of my book, #1 international bestseller, I Am Her Daughter – The Healing Path to a Woman’s Power

My Dear Sister,

It is time.

Time for our revival. Our restoration. Our remembering.

For many years our sex has been under a bad spell. Under a boot. It’s time to remove what binds us, what prevents us from our roles to guide All Creation toward our next evolution.

My work is intended to offer a larger perspective on the state of the Earth and how to navigate this extraordinary gift, responsibility and opportunity.

On behalf of future generations and our planet, let’s do it wisely. We have a chance to alter our course and change the outcome of our evolution, for us and Earth.

If you have read this far, then you know the calling that has been speaking to me since I was a little girl playing in the dirt. We have agreements, you and I, with the Earth and the people, to show them another path. We have to drop the robe of our dying culture in order to see the way, and it’s not always easy. But every bit of freedom regained will show you The Way. To wholeness, beauty, and co-creative joy.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside of the Daughters of Earth Women’s Institute.

Abundant blessings and profound love,


Are you a woman who feels compelled into purpose by the state of the world?

I know I have been. The changes that are happening in our world are a call to step up that hasn’t been seen in a very long time.

There are many women and men, young and old, from all over the planet who feel an urgency, but aren’t quite sure how to “plug in” to support the evolutionary movement that is currently happening. Many of them don’t have consistent practice, tools, and community to forge a connection between their unique purpose and contribution to this evolution. Are you looking for a way to create a better world for everyone but have not known how?

What if there were a way to be a force for positive change in our world?

What if there was a curriculum that supported your absolute certainty in expressing your purpose?

What if there was a community that rallied, bolstered, and boosted your confidence, expertise, and partnerships around the world?

What if there were a movement that you LED, as a pioneer, for a new era of balance, partnership, and equality for all?

Whether you know it or not, you are part of a global change and your voice is needed.

I have felt the way many women have; angry, scared, and disempowered.

But I wanted more! I felt there was a way to transform my challenges into a positive in my life. I found teachers, mentors, and healers to lift me up. Then they shared their unique talents and superpowers, their medicines with me.

After working to empower women for 20 years, I can see that every woman has a singular purpose, powers, talents, and experiences that make her uniquely qualified to express her own kind of medicine to bring to the world. We can heal the broken parts of ourselves and use our wounding as our greatest power.

From this, #DaughtersOfEarth was born – a community designed to help women identify and grow their unique medicine so that together we can bring about the future we have been dreaming about.

About Licia


Licia Berry is an International Best-Selling Author, Brain Healer, Artist, Speaker, Mentor and Steerswoman in Creative, Sacred and Transformative Arts, “Guide to The Frontier Inside ™” with a primary interest in creativity, women’s wisdom and resilience, ancestral medicine, indigenous tradition and Mind/Body Integration, NeuroBiology, PTSD, Trauma Recovery, and Post Traumatic Growth.

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Licia is a Expert in Systems Energetics, Human Consciousness, Whole Brain Communication, Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and Post Traumatic Growth (PTG), and assists others through multi-disciplinary, Whole Brain approaches to achieving consciousness, balance, personal happiness and actualization of potential. This has a multitude of applications: in organizational development, in leadership, in family systems, relationships, and in personal transformation.


A 25 year teaching veteran in the creative arts, whole brain communication, leadership, project and systems management & analysis, she has impacted young and adult learners in public schools, state agencies, non-profits, corporate environments, universities and the private sector. Having transformed challenging circumstances into fuel to propel her forward to make the world a more accepting, loving place, Licia also has a keen and abiding passion to empower women through her #LeadingByBeing Women’s Leadership curriculum. Techniques include Inner Tribe ™ Integration work, Whole Brain Communication, Sacred Systems work, Brain Gym, Psych-K, and post traumatic energy re-integration.


What They Say

Licia Berry is an exquisitely gifted healer and visionary. I tested her many times at the beginning of our work together to assess whether she is the real deal, and my friends, she is. Truly authentic, truly aligned with her intuition and ability to share her gift with others to support their healing. Thank you, Licia, for your original contribution through your work. You have my highest and unconditional recommendation.

Sara Gottfried, M.D.

New York Times best selling author of “The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol”

You are a magnificent woman and leader. You channel Great Mother in a clear, grounded, authentic, powerful and loving way. You embody your teachings so deeply and your radical devotion to your path is so inspiring and rare.

Marcia Mariner

The mariner Center for Human Development

As the leader of a growing company I am always being stretched into the next best version of myself. I came to work with Licia because I was burning out yet my vision was still strong. I knew there had to be a better way and as the leader it had to start with me. With Licia’s help I have learned how to claim my role as the leader in a stronger yet gentler way. Establishing boundaries with team and family for a win win has enabled greater self-care so I am better able to handle the complexities of growth with grace and ease.

Sue Thompson

CEO, The CFO Agency

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