I believe women all over the world are awakening to a new era of Earth’s evolution. Do you feel this shift? Are you being called to share your gift?
WELCOME!  There is no accident that you are here!

Have you been thrown off your axis by the state of the world? Does the world seem upside down?

I know I have – I am experiencing so many emotions when I think about what is going on now – especially for women and girls.  I am feeling the collective rage at being devalued, objectified, minimized, silenced, and being made unseen.  Have you felt it too?  Have you felt unsure of how to change what is going on in the world but know that SOMETHING must be done?  Are you looking for a way to create a better world for everyone but have not known how?

What if there were a way to be a force for positive change in our world, if there were a way you could channel your passion into positive action? 

What if there was a community you could join that could help you feel part of global change, a community where it is safe to say how your REALLY feel and can transform that energy into positive forward action?  What if we could create a world where women and girls can feel safe, empowered, free to be themselves, and wielding the power they were meant to use?

I have felt the way you have; scared, angry, frustrated, hopeless, and disempowered. 

Then I began to understand the unique power and abilities that I and all women bring to the world.  I began to heal the broken parts of myself that raged against the injustice I felt. 

I began to seek teachers and wise women who shared their unique talents and superpowers, their medicine with me. 

From this, #DaughtersOfEarth was born – a community designed to help women identify and grow their unique medicine so that together we can bring about the future we have been dreaming about.

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Women’s Advocate

Logo for 1 Billion Rising RevolutionLicia is an established advocate for women, young children, and men who love and support women; the LGBTQ community, the earth, restorative justice, native american, and other indigenous people to name a few.  Her efforts to make the world a safe place for ALL people began with her work to heal her own life from violence encountered throughout her child and young adulthood.  From a place of healed leadership, Licia has been able to affect change and serve the world through her writing, teaching, speaking, consulting and organizing expertise.  Licia’s advocacy work includes leading women’s circles and retreats, working with organizations that support women and girls through mentoring and education, and teaching for Peace Jam, an organization that puts young people into close contact with Nobel Peace Prize winners.  Licia organized the Tallahassee One Billion Rising event in 2013, a four day love-fest to raise awareness and demand an end to violence against women.

Perspectives: Violence Against Women; WFSU NPR, Interview with Licia Berry and Oasis Center for Women and Girls Counselor Sarah Sturges

by Tom Flanagan

My 2016 book, I Am Her Daughter – the Healing Path to a Woman’s Power did really well. My book was listed as a #1 international bestseller on Amazon, which led to a nationwide book tour and even a spot on a major TV network!  I’m so grateful.

You also may know that I was guided to lead a ceremony for the August 2017 Total Eclipse of the sun in the totality path that was supported by people on 5 continents. The Eclipse Video Series was seen by people all over the world and brought my work to an even larger audience of forward-thinking individuals interested in the evolution of the planet. The Eclipse Video Series included this episode about women, emotion, our bodies, and what being an Empath really means to humanity and the Earth. 

The combination of these two events have put me squarely in the crosshairs of the emergence of the Divine Feminine and the Voice of the Earth, and the consciousness shift that is currently occurring on our planet. I have worked professionally in the realm of consciousness for 30 years, and publishing my work for 20 years…It is an amazing thing to see/hear consciousness being spoken about in the mainstream the way it is now! Everybody can feel that something is happening!  It truly is an extraordinary moment.

AND NOW, I’ve been asked to create a program to support women who are awakening to their role as midwives of the new Earth.  I’m calling it Daughters of Earth Program. The Daughters of Earth Program is a year-long, 3 tiered membership to bring information, support, training, healing and connection to women all over the world.  I believe, know and experience that women are being drawn into their bodies and grounding to the core of Earth in an unprecedented way. The wisdom we are accessing as a result is the very medicine the planet needs to heal and grow a beautiful culture in which All Life is honored. 

I believe women are awakening at a rapid rate in order to lead us into the new era of Earth's evolution.

Are you feeling the intensity as the Earth (and humanity) are transforming and growing?

Could you use some tools, guidance and support to manage the intensity you are experiencing?

Can you imagine arriving at the end of 2019 completely equipped to be of service to your tribe as we progress into the next evolution of Earth?


Welcome to the Daughters of Earth™️ Women’s Leadership Institute

The Daughters of Earth™️ Program is a monthly curriculum for women to reclaim their wholeness, sacredness, and to empower their lives.

Women’s empowerment is here. It’s time to step forward with your truest selves and shepherd your gifts into the light.


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Join #DaughtersOfEarth so that we can be the change we seek in the world. 

Together we can create a wave of change, one ripple at a time that can usher in the Aquarian Era that seeks to be born through us.  We can be the midwives of a Era of shared power where women are the leaders who will create a world safe for everyone, where everyone is valued for who they are!  Join me now so that we can transform the current broken dynamic into the golden age we seek.  If we don’t take action to claim the life we want, who will? 

As Gloria Steinham said to me in New Mexico at the Ghost Ranch in 2014 – “If not you, who?  If not now, when?”

The Daughters of Earth™️ Women's Leadership Institute has levels of participation for every woman, at every budget. We are in an amazing season of promise. Join us and take the journey towards positive and joyful action together!

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About Licia Berry

I am a 30-year veteran educator — in public schools, state agencies, non-profits and business sector — and an international clientele in her private practice, where she shepherds refugees of patriarchy into the new world.  Through achievement of the whole brain state, I teach how to access ancestral memory, heal ancestral trauma, and free ourselves from the bondage of cultural misinformation.  Utilizing creative, neurobiological and shamanic approaches, I am a pioneer and leader of the Aquarian (or, partnered/power-with) movement.

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