Personal Energy Mechanics System (PEMS)

Are you ready for heaven on earth?

For folks finding themselves at the leading edge of consciousness, Licia Berry’s PEMS Curriculum is a key to the answers you have been seeking.

The next step in our evolution is to embody spirit on earth in our everyday life.

Using the language of “Energy”, Licia has culminated a life-long search for answers with personal, direct experience in a non-denominational course that will give you the tools you need to know you are MORE than a physical human body.  Licia’s PEMS Curriculum has awakened successful people to their potential; changing their lives with a balanced combination of neuroscience, biology and physiology, quantum physics and mechanics, psychology, whole brain applications, subtle energy processes, indigenous and shamanic practice, and ancient spiritual texts.

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Energy is what we are at the most basic level.  I grew up feeling and being highly sensitive to energy, and it was challenging to feel comfortable in the world.  My discomfort led me on a lifetime quest to understand our energy as human beings – how to care-take our energy so we feel in charge of ourselves.  After 48 years of working with my own energy, I am so blessed to offer what I know so you can be comfortable in your own skin, and live the life of a full-on embodied spirit! We can create heaven on earth!

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In this 28 minute MP3, you will learn that you are much more than you’ve been told, how to align in our greatest intelligence, our relationship to Earth, and the TWO most important KEYS to living an actualized and divinely-inspired life!

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Basic Energy Mechanics and the Divine HumanImage for PEMS1 eCourse

The PEMS 1 Course (8 sessions) includes:

  • The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being human
  • A modern world version of the marriage of indigenous, earth based approaches with high spiritual awareness
  • Balancing dual energy in your systems (left/right brain, yin/yang energy, feminine/masculine principles and other polarities)
  • How to unify polarity in the physical universe for bliss and complete acceptance
  • How you fit in to the larger universe structurally
  • The truth of the larger intelligence that runs through All Creation
  • Science that supports our energetic intelligence
  • The multiple systems of the mechanical structure of your energy body
  • How to interact with your energy body and all of its systems
  • The receiving and expressing aspects of our energy body, and how this relates to what we manifest in abundance
  • How to create sustainable change in your life
  • How to treat yourself with tenderness and self care

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[st_box title="Course Notes" type="warning"]Each eCourse includes audio recordings and electronic handbooks of the PEMS material. The PEMS course does NOT have to be taken sequentially (although I do like to recommend it); each module is designed to be taught on its own.[/st_box]

Access Your Helping Team Live a Guided, Supported LifeImage for PEMS2 eCourse

If you could access the MOST relevant, loving experts to solve ANY problem in your life, or answer ANY question, why wouldn't you?  We have a vast array of high-level intelligence available to us, all of the time.  In the Larger Mind, the collective intelligence of All Creation is at our beck and call...all we have to do is connect with it.

PEMS 2 assumes that you are eager to know how to partner with your inner guidance and Higher Helpers.  That you want to learn how to receive (and act on) accurate guidance, and incorporate your Greater Intelligence into your everyday life.

PEMS 2 (6 sessions) includes:

  • The quantum physics behind why we are connected to a Larger Intelligence
  • The neuroscience behind intuition
  • How to recognize the voices of our helpers
  • Introduction to your personal Helping Team
  • Managing self to have a clear field
  • Neutrality-Attachment/fear/belief/aversion –the projections of the mind and the interference of personal stuff with receiving accurate guidance
  • Relationship with your Team (who are they?  Horizontal and Vertical help)
  • Asking for messages
  • The different kinds of guidance (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)
  • Getting accurate guidance and how to test yourself
  • How to ask the "right" questions
  • Why gathering information is not enough...the need to act
  • Asking for help to manifest
  • The power of Intention and how to set them
  • How Licia and her family put this knowledge to the test

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Setting Intentions that ManifestImage for PEMS3 eCourse

Create your most fulfilled life experience!  Do you wonder...How can I steer this ship of my life?  Why does it feel like I am sometimes drifting with the tide? How can I move on from my past? Why does it seem like something is stopping me?

PEMS 3 (4 sessions) includes:

  • How to align in your True Power
  • How to discern when an intention is in agreement with your greatest good
  • How to ask for the help of All Creation to support you in your intention for miraculous manifestation
  • How to attain one of the most basic (yet most elusive) building blocks of a successful life...Agreement
  • How to work with all of your parts in alignment so that you are moving forward in concert
  • How to deal with resistance, the opposite of Agreement
  • Self Sabotage, even when your intentions are solid
  • Introduction to your Inner Tribe™

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Managing Change in a Transitioning UniverseImage for PEMS4 eCourse

Human beings, through our wonderful, powerful free will, can resist our greater good, our evolution.  PEMS 4 provides the understanding of how to work WITH THE FLOW of evolution and how to manage common energy glitches.

PEMS 4 (6 sessions) includes:

  • Energy First Aid™
  • Dealing with common Energy Glitches
  • The Number One Thing we need to do for the health of our Energy Field
  • Managing other Lifetimes
  • Empath 101
  • The incredible role of Belief
  • Inner Tribe™ work
  • Ancestral Lineage Healing
  • Mind Body Spirit Integration
  • Trauma and the Energy Body
  • Polarity of our Energy Body and how to keep it running in the right direction in a world that continuously reverses it
  • The Truth about “Protection” and Darkness
  • Psychology, Energy, and Neuroscience- the intersection of power

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The Partnership of Feminine and MasculineImage for PEMS5 eCourse

The two most basic energies (not genders) of our physical universe, the Yin and the Yang, or the Feminine and Masculine Principles, have been in fluctuation for many thousands of years, originally working together and then moving further apart so that we could experience separation, taking our consciousness as far as the frontier could go.  Now, they are coming back together, and the implications are staggering.

In every area of our, relationships, purpose and direction, health, changing as this balancing act ensues.  One of the great mysteries has been "After all of these eons of separation, what will it look like when the masculine and feminine energies are actually working TOGETHER?"

The answer lay in this simple concept: as we balance internally, so the world balances.  The place to begin is INSIDE.  As we learn to partner our own Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine, we stand in confidence, grace, joy and purpose, and effective Divine Human in this world.  JOIN US in the Wedding of the Age!!!

You will learn (8 sessions):

  • how we got to the unpartnered state we see in the world and WHY it was important for our evolution
  • how to recognize when your inner Feminine and Masculine are working against each other
  • what the "Aquarian Dynamic" is and why it describes the universal shift we are all experiencing right NOW
  • the 8 qualities of the Partnered Feminine
  • the 8 qualities of the Partnered Masculine
  • what the seamless Partnership looks like (and what it doesn't)
  • how to bring your inner Feminine and Inner Masculine into grace and wedded bliss for peace, joy and success in EVERY AREA of your life

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The Complete PEMS CourseImage for All PEMS eCourse

Special package to purchase all 5 PEMS modules at once - includes 30+ hours of recordings and handbooks for each course.  Save nearly $100 from buying each module separately.

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