The Frontier Inside e-Course

Reclaim your true self – Overcome obstacles – Embrace your unique self

Discover who you are on the inside…your gifts, special powers and treasures within!  Use this e-Course to learn who you really are with a Journey into the Heart of Your Power, The FRONTIER INSIDE.  It’s ideal for students of self-awareness and healing, practitioners of all healing and therapeutic arts, and people who hear the call of the Inner Frontier and yearn to answer.

Learn who you really are

With The Frontier Inside© e-Course

  • You give yourself permission to be who you really are
  • 12 lessons land in your inbox that you can KEEP FOREVER
  • Realize your unique path and purpose
  • Learn to love yourself
  • You can start any time and learn at your own pace
  • Manage your subtle energy for maximum joy
  • Make peace with yourself
  • Integrate your discoveries into your daily life

Using travel tips from Licia Berry’s guidebook, The Frontier Inside Field Guide and Travel Kit©, you can explore and discover your own goodness, wisdom, strength, authority, and power in yourself.


Along with your lessons and audio learning, a written guidebook, The Frontier Inside Field Guide and Travel Kit©, will provide support, special techniques, and “travel tips” as your explore your Inner Frontier.

Find your true self