The Wanderin’ Berrys, Chapter Two


Those of you who have followed our story since we left our “normal” lives in Asheville, NC in 2003 know that we took an epic several-years journey in order to re-grow the connections in our family; it resulted in phenomenal restoration of our love for each other, intense emotional, mental and spiritual growth, and attention from around the world via our family website,  Our story was even published by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen in their book, Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction (not the title when we submitted the story!)


Berrys at the Beach, 2008-Cape San Blas, Florida

Berrys at the Beach, 2008-Cape San Blas, Florida


Since 2005, we have been living in a lovely remote area of southern Colorado, high in the Rockies…it was a perfect place to land after being mobile for such a long time.  We needed the boundless quiet, the profound, jaw-dropping beauty of Nature, and a really, really small town to start to make our way back into civilization.  We thought we would be there for several years, but it turns out we were temporarily settling and resting for the next leg of the journey!  If I know anything about the healing process, there is a time and place for integrating what you’ve learned, and it can feel a bit like a plateau.  I believe that has been the function of Colorado for us. 


View from our front porch in Colorado, March 2006

View from our front porch in Colorado, March 2006


When we all started to experience boredom and restlessness, we knew that we needed a change.  At first we thought we would relocate somewhere new, like a bigger city, or a different landscape.  We considered Florida and Texas due to the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico (one of our favorite playgrounds)….but the more we got still to listen to our deep inner voices, the more we started understanding that it wasn’t time to move into a new place… was time to MOVE.

And so, we begin Chapter Two of the Berry journey….we left our 40-acre serene Colorado homestead on the market and have taken off for parts unknown…

We begin in Corpus Christi, Texas where we left the RV (whose name is Jude….the Wandering Jude, get it?)  We will travel westward, listening to our inner guidance each day for direction and feeling our way around until……well, until we stop!  Who knows when this will end or where we will wind up?

Join us here for our thoughts as we travel, artistic and thoughtful contributions by the boys, and my observations as a Mother whose soul longs to offer the best children to this world that I can.

For those who have been following my international website,, since I launched it in 2003, I have transformed that website, and you will find that much of what you used to find there you will find here in this blog (including energy updates, following my process of integrating the feminine and masculine, and other observations from a shamanic, quantum, creative and whole-brain point of view!) Welcome!