Monterey is located on the Monterey Peninsula, about 2 hours south of San Francisco and two hours north of San Luis Obispo…it is the apparent dividing line between southern and northern California when looking at a map.  The Peninsula is not a pronounced one in the way that Florida is, for instance but is does noticeably protrude from the coastline.

Here we found more dense forest than south of here…there is a feeling of being cozy, or more “socked in”, a feeling which appeals to a lot of people (but not us…we find it claustrophobic).  The coast line here is utterly jaw dropping, however….the rocks, waves, forests and beaches are truly a wonder of Nature.

We have been here for more than a week…We have been staying at the Laguna Seca Raceway, which boasts a hilltop campground with an astounding view of the surrounding hills.  Salinas is just up the road about 10 miles, and the town of Monterey only 7 in the other direction.


Pete’s parents live here (lovely visiting with them) as well as his sister, her husband and two young daughters.  Jess and Aidan had a great time connecting with their little cousins…there was much tickling and playing going on!  This week we have played on the beach, enjoyed the Monterey Aquarium, and driven around the cute little towns here.  Much of the focus has been on spending time with Pete’s family.

While stationed here, I attended a 4 day retreat in San Mateo with Bruce Lipton (of Biology of Belief fame-I interviewed him on my radio show in September) and Rob Williams, the originator of the Pysch-K process, (of which I am now a practitioner).  It was a fantastic learning experience for me, confirming much of what I intuitively know about how energy works within the human body and experience, and how the body, mind and spirit interact.

I made many friends, and felt as if I found some more of my “tribe” members.  Some of the attendees were from other countries, and many were from California.  The California folks were very excited to hear about my family’s journey to search for our new home and strongly advocated that we move to this state; many also had great things to say about San Luis Obispo.

We have all felt the strangest longing for SLO since we left it more than a week ago….it is surprising to me that we could feel such an affinity for a place so quickly!  We have yearned to go back south since the day we arrived here.  Now, over a week later, we seem to have adjusted to the very different vibration here, but all of us still want to go back south again.  Wow.  Maybe San Luis Obispo IS the place for us.

But we will not go south just yet, no matter how we pine away for it!  We are heading north into the Redwoods around the Santa Cruz area for a week and then back down to Monterey for thanksgiving with Peter’s family…and THEN we will look at heading south again to SLO.

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