I was realizing that I have not written a straight family-whereabouts-update in ages, so for those of you who might be a little weary of my philosophizing, this is for you!

We are in Pismo Beach, California and enjoying the most spectacular warm, sunny days and cool nights right on the Pacific Ocean.  We moved down here on January 18, and will stay until February 6th.  The park we are staying in is a mega-resort-thingie….usually not very appealing to us back-to-nature types!  But we have had uninterrupted internet service, laundry right on site, a place I can spread out and do DDR (hard to dance like a maniac in the RV), and a place to ride our bikes for hours on end…the waterline on the beach.  We have had the BEST time here.

It has been a nice break from the intensity of the inner work we were doing at the campground in San Luis Obispo.  I find that SLO has an energy of healing, which means to ME that it helps to bring up, in the most loving way, those energies within that are outdated and ready to heal.  Sometimes this feels very good and welcoming (in fact, that is how we have felt about SLO most of the time!)  Other times, it can be intense and a little trying.  Asheville NC was that way for us, but we are much more conscious now, so we are not experiencing the whumps-on-the-head that we did in our 7 years there.

Coming down to Pismo has been literally that…it has felt like coming down into an easier vibration, one in which we can relax and assimilate all of the inner changes we have been making.

SO, what’s the plan?  Well, here we are in the most fabulous winter I think I have ever experienced, enjoying the heck out of it.   We feel we have found paradise, and we have no desire to go elsewhere.  The Central Coast is a gem and definitely the right place for us.

But we have these properties in Colorado that we need to sell, which are located in a spectacular remote region most people have never even heard of.  Colorado’s real estate market is doing pretty well, but in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, you have to WANT to live there.  We believe someone very special will feel called to own our homestead in the largest alpine valley in the world.  Here is a link to our house if you’d like to have a look: http://www.berrytrip.us/Sanctuary.htm.  Until we sell THERE, we can’t become permanent residents HERE.

So we are kind of floating in a grounded way.  Sounds funny, I know!

We are being welcomed into the community here, we are doing our homeschooling and working and living our lives, but doing it an RV in parks surrounded by people that are on vacation or retired, full-timing.  We want so much to be in a house and get the kids in school and SETTLE IN.  But it is not time yet.

We are developing a “PLAN A”.  PLAN A says that we will remain in the RV, bouncing around the RV parks in the SLO area until the end of March, at which point we will put the RV in storage and go back to Colorado to pack up our belongings.  We will plan to be there for four weeks.  The snow should be fairly gone by then; it will still be pretty chilly compared to coastal California, but we can buck up for a month.  We will pack up a moving truck and bring our belongings to California, where we will rent a house May 1st.  At that point we will become residents enough that we will feel part of things and can get the kids in school.

It is not ideal, for sure…I would rather not have to move twice; for once our properties sell in Colorado, we will want to buy a house here.  But I suspect a larger logic; perhaps it is a timing issue.  California is going through a very difficult time economically (except for little pockets such as San Luis Obispo, for some reason that I could pontificate about for many hours).  Perhaps it is not good to be tied to the state in a more permanent way just yet.

And so we will remain as grounded as we can, as much a part of the community as we can, while we also remain stretched and flexbile.  Fortunately, we learned on our 2-year journey that our groundedness is in our own Beingness and in our family.  We have been practicing this ever since, the way the Buddhists practice meditation.  This seems to be something that we have become good at as a family, as we have been called to do it many times now.  Perhaps it is a skill that will serve us well in the future.