January 9, 2009


Notes as we are changing….


Peter comments this morning that he feels himself remembering what he has always known…that he is a part of the All That Is.  I see him feeling and looking similar to when I first met him…soft, open, and connected.  It is thrilling to see this!


We are talking about how we have chosen to do the awakening process; we are reading the Dan Millman books (Way of the Peaceful Warrior) and I am turned off by the completely upside down-ness of his life as he learns to be different.  It is like the years spent running off to find oneself and people being left hurt in its wake.  We elected to do it differently.


Many folks do the inner work after they have had their children…we are doing it before and DURING raising our children.  We have elected to live a fully 3-D life while doing our spiritual work.  This makes us somewhat different than a lot of people.


The fact that we are mixed up mashed up with our kids and that there are so many demands in our 3-D life is part of the sacred juggling act that all of us face.  If we are here in 3-d, it is because we are meant to be here….and to bring all parts of ourselves into the grounding of physical life.  I am not suggesting that everyone tackle inner spiritual work while having babies and jobs and PTO presidencies and such as we did; but I do think it is important to share this model so others can examine whether it is something they are waiting for permission to do in their own lives. 


This might be the reason to write the book about our family journey.