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Like so many GOOD things that have been twisted, misinterpreted, and manipulated, the conclusion that I am coming to about the word “WITCH” is that it needs to be shed of its nasty connotations (at least in my own mind), and that the word needs to be reclaimed.

In the spirit of reclaiming, I invite you to play with me and create an acronym from the word “witch”…several of you have already offered some:

  • Wisdom Intuition Transformation Compassion Healing -Peter
  •  Woman’s Intuition Touching Communal Heart –Liza
  •  Women Inspiring Truth Change + Harmony –Peter
  •  Wisdom Interconnected Terra Caring Hope –Licia
  •  Wonderful Intuitive Teacher Called Healer –M.

Let’s hear some more!

WonderWoman Oh No You Didnt

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