originally published on www.liciaberry.com 5-22-07

Self Love and Self Worth-The Joy of Forgetting and Remembering

My personal healing process of late seems to be taking me to the old wound of being unloving towards myself and feeling unworthy.  I am asked with some frequency (although not as much anymore) if we ever overcome these old wounds; well, the answer is yes and no.  From an evolutionary standpoint, each time we face an issue and do a bit of healing on it, it gets a bit better, and we move on until we hit it again on our spiral walk. At that point, we have yet another opportunity to do some more healing on it, and the process continues.  Yes, there are some things that I have released to the point I never think about them or see them in my life; they seem not to exist anymore.  And I do believe that something can be healed (whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, it is still all energy) in an instant if all the right factors are lined up.

However, old and deep “wounds” such as feeling unloved or unworthy are more challenging.  I do revisit them on occasion, and each time I get closer to my core pain.  It is an act of self love and courage to go into that pain.  It is an act of self mastery to choose to heal it and not be pulled into its heavy gravitational field!

Another point of view is the one I tap into daily-the aspects of ALL Creation that I know as angelic.  What they say is that all of this forgetting our bliss and then remembering it is like a grand game of hide and seek, and at a spiritual level, it is considered FUN.  That even though our ego may be in pain, at another sphere of our being, we are laughing our butts off.  I think it is a grand punch line that when we merge back into non-physical, the first thing we do is laugh at how we thought we were supposed to suffer while living as a human!  Imagine, all that time spent being unhappy, thinking we aren’t perfect just the way we are….when all we came here to do was to enjoy the journey!

So, as I observe my feelings of unworthiness, acknowledge them and bless them, then choose to release them through intention and the angels’ help, I must remember that the forgetting of my wonderful-ness is part of the game, and not judge myself for those feelings.  Instead, I can choose to see it as another opportunity to rush into the arms of remembrance and feel its joyous relief.

Years ago I went through a deep and despairing walk with unworthiness and was given a beautiful book called On Wings of Light by Ronna Herman as a gift; inside was inscribed a personal message from Archangel Michael.  (Ronna Herman has channeled Archangel Michael for years; I was introduced to her by my dear friend Shanna MacLean at Circle of Light.  Ronna wrote me this note in 2001 just before 9/11 and I simultaneously “came out” as a shamana and wisewoman. )  When I thanked Ronna for the message, she replied:

“Hello, Dear Heart, so glad the message was meaningful for you.  I believe as you read the book and the messages more and more will become clear for you.  You have undoubtedly had many lifetimes as shaman/wise woman and spiritual leader – what is important now is that you live each day the best way you know how and your path will unfold the way that is best for all.  Start with yourself – learning self-love and self worth and then project that to others and help them see the best in themselves.   It all starts from within and radiates outward – one kind deed and loving thought at a time.

If anyone had told me ten years ago that I would be doing what I am doing and having the wonderful experiences that fill my life every day, I would have told them they were crazy.

Just Be the beautiful person you are and the rest will happen naturally.

Love and angel blessings, Ronna Herman”

And that has been the case; since I received this message in 2001, so much water has moved under (and over) the bridge, and self love has been the key to carrying me forward in grace.  Daily I choose to love myself unconditionally and to know and experience myself as worthy of unconditional love!  May you, too.