Archangel Gabriel by Amy Paloranta,

I asked my good friend and artist Amy Paloranta if  I might post her wonderful piece, “Archangel Gabriel”, because it illustrates so well what I am feeling right now.

I posted a discussion on FaceBook about how I feel as though I am “falling apart” in order to be re-assembled into something more wonderful…it is a felt sense of deconstruction in order for reconstruction to happen.  I have been through it many time in my life, and I’m sure this is not the last time!

I find these cycles of disorganization/reorganization to be cyclic, seasonal, organic and part of the flow of life.  I am reminded constantly how we are creatures of Nature, and therefore subject to all of the laws of balance that Nature operates within inherently.  And just like everything Nature, we are moving through process and becoming the next thing that we are to become!

The part that is a little tricky is that we are free will beings, so we can resist the natural prompts to let go and grow; we can cling hard to that piece of driftwood in the ocean because we think it’s the only thing keeping us alive, when there may be a luxury ocean liner just over the horizon (this image was given to my Beloved in a session with me 2 days ago).  In my experience, clinging to that outdated energy, whatever form it may take (relationship, occupation, geographical location, belief system, etc.) is a recipe for misery.  Eventually, balance wins.  My philosophy is to go ahead and cooperate with it!

Part of my path to cooperate with change when it is occurring is to listen very intently on the interior…with my inner ear.  What I mean by that is to feel where the stream of truth lies within me, my most authentic self, and lean into it, allowing the debris of the old me to fall away.  I experience a lot of assistance in the energy that we call  “Archangel Gabriel” as I work with this dynamic of “inner listening”.   I experience this angelic energy as one that supports inner hearing as well as expressing what is heard.

The FaceBook discussion has proven a fruitful one; many others have chimed in to say they are also experiencing this dynamic of deconstruction/reconstruction.  I would venture to say that we all are, but that some of us may be more aware of it than others.  I think what is important for ME to know is that this is all happening for the good of us…it is not some imposed horror from the outside, but a natural growth and evolutionary process of us becoming more of who we are.