I’m excitedly writing a book about the inner masculine/feminine energy dynamics; I’m exploring the qualities of masculine and feminine energy, what it looks like when they are imbalanced and how to bring them into balance.  I have much personal experience as I have journeyed with my inner feminine and inner masculine to bring them into the exquisite co-creative dance of partnership.  I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to share my maps of my inner landscape as I travel with so many of you…I pray that is it helpful!

My walk with my inner masculine has been particularly of interest to me as my work takes root in the world.  The last years of my life have involved getting right with my inner feminine so that I could hear my wise, still inner voice.  Interestingly, I discovered that my inner feminine was the catalyst for my inner masculine to heal!

Now, in order to expand into my authentic life, my inner masculine holds the key.  I have learned one of the primary expressions of masculine energy dynamic is expansion, or individuation.  Expansion that occurs informed by the balanced inner feminine and carried out by the balanced inner masculine is powerful, sustainable and supportive of the Whole.

So I am working with my inner masculine a lot right now as I expand out into the world with my work!  I am discovering a rich and complex dynamic in my inner masculine, one that I am anxious to get to know and to mature.

One of the qualities of the balanced masculine dynamic is protection of what he’s charged to protect.  The primary thing that the masculine is charged to protect is the feminine.  In balance, masculine energy defends feminine energy from attack.

Now, remember I am not talking about male/female here…hardly!  I am speaking of the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy that we each have within us and that make up the entire structure of the dualistic physical world.

Thus far in my life, my imbalanced inner masculine has had two basic expressions of the Defender Dynamic:

  • An emasculated masculine that does not stand up and protect when a boundary is crossed-
  • Or conversely, a hyper-masculine that protects when there is no need, sometimes perceiving threats when there isn’t one, overly defensive when a small degree of correction is necessary, or warding off would-be attackers that maybe aren’t.

Both of these expressions are imbalanced.  If I want to move further out into the world with my work, to expand and be sustainable in my expansion, I must get right with my inner masculine, too.

Balanced expression of my inner masculine is what I am working for in the intense heat of the collective birthing that’s occurring right now for us all.  I’m happy to say that I am having success in healing the patterns that my inner masculine learned to ensure my survival.  He is a bit battle-scarred, but there is hope!

What does balanced expression of the inner masculine look like?  I’ll be talking about it extensively…Stay tuned!