“Doorway to Reclaiming Power”, collage in The Masculine Series, 2010 by Licia Berry

My journey thus far of embodying the Sacred Feminine has led me to a powerful conclusion; She has to come to balance first in order to draw the masculine to partnership (and therefore balance).  Balance is predicated on their proximity to one another, and if you think about the laws of physics, it makes a lot of sense.  But why the feminine first?

Because, among the many qualities of feminine energy, a very important one is that she is magnetic.  Where the masculine dynamic is electric, the feminine attracts to Her what is needed.  Like a black hole, her gravitational field is powerful and irresistable.  In the case of balancing the inner masculine and feminine so that they can be equal partners, she draws him in to her arms, where he melts into her embrace.

In addition, she centers in the heart, the connection with All Creation.  Informed by the great heart of the feminine, the active masculine can do great works in this world.  (See previous post, “The Heart of the Collective”.)

But humanity has been far from this reality, both inwardly and on the collective scale.  We have explored the imbalanced (unpartnered) masculine running rampant and wreaking havoc on the planet, acting in ways that go against the feminine’s most deeply held conviction of Do No Harm.  The feminine dynamic is one of connectivity and concern for the benefit of the Whole, but an active masculine who is unpartnered with this discernment and desire to support all life has no concern for the Collective.  He acts on the masculine dynamics of individuation and protection of what he cares about.  Unpartnered with the feminine dynamic’s connectivity, this can spell trouble.

I am seeing the benefit of working with the duality of the yin/yang within myself…a stability, peace, effectiveness in the world.  My quest to be more authentic, more successful, more in my power, and more an active part of life is unfolding now.  Informed by the discernment of the feminine, my inner masculine is venturing forth and doing good things.  The more I embody the inner feminine, the more my inner masculine is coming into healing and partnership, and I am learning who the Divine  Masculine is.

I wanted balance within….and I’m sensing that all life on our beloved planet is calling for the balance to be restored.

Each of us carries the seed of the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine within us from the moment of our individuation from our Source.  Whether physically male or female, we ALL benefit greatly from healing and raising up our inner masculine and bringing him into balance with the inner feminine.


I’m offering an E-Course based on the material from my upcoming book, designed to assist in freeing ourselves from unsupportive internalized understanding of masculine energy in order to discover the true essence of the Divine Masculine within.

Healing the Inner Masculine – Calling Him Forward into Union and Partnership with the Feminine

In this E-Course, we will focus on:
  • ·       Learning the qualities of masculine and feminine energy in order to identify the ways you can embody them in your daily life.
  • ·       Embodying the Sacred Feminine within in order to magnetically attract and be the womb-space for the inner masculine in his evolution into the Divine Masculine
  • ·       Discovering and healing unsupportive conditioning about the masculine principle by bringing the true Divine Masculine forward in us.
  • ·        Creating the framework for continued blissful, equal partnership of the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine within
 This is a process that was given to me and that I have worked through myself to great success…I am currently writing a book about it with great excitement!