Licia Biker Santa by Terri St. Cloud

Just the other day I met with my new local marketing maven, Deanna Mims of MarketDone (  and SHE IS FABULOUS).

We were talking about how it is hard for some folks to get me.  She said, “You have a big energy”.  I have heard this many times before.  Not offended.

She also said “When I read your stuff, I LOVE it, but it is like eating the darkest, densest dark chocolate fudge cake known to woman.”  Or something like that.  Not offended; maybe even a little pleased with that particular analogy.  I love dark chocolate.

But these astute observations did not solve my situation.  My work appeals to some folks, but I can tell that I am too much for others.   Then she had a brilliant suggestion.

>>>”But wait”, you might be saying, “this is not the Licia Berry I know!  Speaking about marketing on your  blog???”  Where is the intense, soul-searching, gotta-know-your-deepest-story-in-5-minutes-or-less blog entry you usually write?”<<<

Well, hang on to your kerchief, dear reader…in my usual transparent way, I am sharing a life lesson with you.  But I am doing it in a way that won’t overwhelm you.  As an experiment.  Ahem.

See, Deanna’s brilliant suggestion was that I come up with some stuff (blog posts, products, etc.) that are uniquely me, but a little less rich (not like that dark chocolate fudge cake, but maybe more of an angel food cake?)

A “Licia Lite”, as it were.

This resonated with me.  Back when I had my local energy work practice in Asheville, NC, I had a friend/client who looked at me tenderly one day and said, “Licia, you know you don’t have to give ALL of your love at one time.  In fact, sometimes that is toooo much.  You can give just a little bit.”

At the time, it floored me that I didn’t need to stand on my head to win friends and influence people…that I could just be me, and nothing extra, and folks would “get me” or not.  I think this habit to extend myself beyond normal boundaries of self love (and sanity) stems from a need to be loved and respected, even approved of (whoops, got deep there for a sec).

But I kind of like this idea.  “Licia Lite.”  Be the real me, but occasionally be the real me with a little more fluff in it.  A little less dark chocolate.  A little more air in the mix.  A little more breathing room.

What remains to be seen is if I can pull it off.  Having a little more fun in my life would NOT be a bad thing.  I can be so darned serious in my quest for “All Knowledge, All the Time”.

But the kinds of things I think about and feel and process are usually quite “thought-y”.  Trying to put words on them is hard enough…I can only imagine how it is to read what I write sometimes!  Like paddling a canoe through molasses?  Or through dark chocolate fudge cake?  🙂

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