Pete and I are holding a playshop in a couple of weeks entitled “Spiritual Partnership”; we are really excited about it, in a very big picture, step-on-the-moving-sidewalk-straight-to-your-destiny kind of way.

When we first met almost 25 years ago, we had a sense that we had a horizon in common that was of service to the Whole.  In other words, it felt like it was bigger than us that we were brought together.

Over the years, our attention to consciousness drove us to attempt to bring balance to our pasts, our marriage, and our own little family of four.  But these were not the only systems we were part of.  We also worked in businesses, belonged to women’s groups, had friendships, led organizations; everywhere we looked, there were systems.  And some systems were healthy, and some were not.  In fact, most were not.

Being part of unhealthy systems is a great teaching tool for Peter and I, who seem to have an innate understanding of inter-connectivity and the need for a system to be balanced in order to be healthy.  There is little more painful or more crazy-making for me than to be part of an unhealthy system.

The drive to bring health to systems is informed by this pain to a great extent.  The desire to see balance brought is a direct result of having lived in profound imbalance.

The health of any system is directly proportional to how close to balance it is.  Balance = health.  This is some of the oldest information out there, modeled by Nature, known by the indigenous populations, and taught by the early Chinese who valued harmony and balance in all aspects of life.  But what is balance?  That is an elusive concept in this day and age.

Balance is harmony between two or more aspects of existence.  The word balance implies more than one…it requires more than one of something for there to be imbalance.

Imbalance in a relationship is felt by both parties, even if they are not conscious of it.  It results in discomfort, miscommunication, and a general feeling of something being off.  Of course, if the imbalance is left to languish for too long, the relationship will not survive.  This is true of any imbalanced system.

Peter and I have studied systems extensively in our adult lives; he in business, and I in teaching classrooms full of students, in individuals who have come to me for energy work, and in other leadership positions.  We have both done extensive work in balancing the systems of ourselves, our partnership and in our family.

But our systems work has taken a whole new turn with the introduction of the material that came through me this summer in the form of almost 100 pieces of artwork, the Feminine and Masculine Series

What will follow in my writing is an examination of the concept of balance through the lens of feminine and masculine principles as they are expressed in energy dynamics.  The oldest elements and building blocks of the physical universe, feminine and masculine energy in balanced partnership make for a solid, life affirming relationship that withstands the tests of time and the inevitable expansion as a system grows.  It’s my understanding (and my experience) that by bringing balance to feminine and masculine energetic partnership, we can reinvigorate and bring health to any system that we choose to be part of.