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I’ve been a translator for higher consciousness for years; I used to post consistent updates on the larger energetic picture as I understood it (given to me by said higher consciousness).  It was in June of 2008, at the point that my site was getting 350,000 hits per year, that I was guided to take a sabbatical.

I struggled with this guidance; I felt proud of the achievement, pleased to see that others were interested in my work, and excited about the future of my business.  Pull the plug now?  When the momentum was actually going somewhere?

Yes, said my inner guidance…higher consciousness tells it like it is.  I could choose to ignore this guidance, since I am a free will being.  However, every time I have ignored or rebelled against higher consciousness, there is always a consequence.

And so I took a sabbatical.  I thought to myself that it might be short…a few weeks, 6 weeks tops.  I thought that would be little enough time that I wouldn’t lose too much of my audience, or could at least recover them when I returned.  This was not to be the case.  My sabbatical wound up being 1.5 years.

During that time, I had the most profound, life changing personal growth of my life.  Turns out that my focus on my business was preventing me from doing important healing within myself, healing that needed to happen so I could show up in the world authentically.  It is now apparent to me how wise this course of action was.  The work I do now is at a completely different level than I was capable of before.  I’m attracting a completely different level of customer, as well.  I guess this is how it works!

My point in sharing this story with you is that I have learned some dear lessons on following the guidance of higher consciousness.  First, I have to surrender the thought that I am the only source of input in my life. Higher consciousness has the Big Picture, the overview of life on earth, kind of like having a big map.  Whereas I am down here moving through the world with my nose to the wind and eyes on the road in front of me, higher consciousness can see ALL the roads, all the places I could go, all of the intersections, all of the opportunities, and all of the hazards.  Ahead of time.

I have found that higher consciousness will often guide me in ways that don’t make a lot of logical sense in human terms.  What?  Abandon my web presence when I’m getting so much traffic and global attention?  For 1.5 years?  Ask any marketing expert and they will tell you this is business suicide.

However, higher consciousness operates under what I call “A Larger Logic”.  This is the kind of logic that only makes sense in the heart, in the spirit, in the grand scheme of things.  The mind may say it is wrong, but when you quiet that fearful voice, it feels right.  And if it has a bigger perspective than mine and can see around the bend, why wouldn’t I want that kind of view on my life?

And the end result?  When I came off sabbatical in January of 2010 (as I was guided to do), my business rebuilt in a few months to what it was prior…and beyond.  And my work was reflective of my more authentic expression, and the clients and customers who are coming to me are a better match.  It’s a win/win.

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