Yin and Yang Fractal

When we bring the feminine and masculine energy into partnership within us, our systems become more balanced.

The most basic energy of physical reality is feminine in nature; this is the energy that All Creation comes from.  The most emergent energy of physical reality is masculine in nature; this is the energy that causes expulsion, separation.

Physical reality is comprised of feminine and masculine energy dynamics, held together by them.  In the most elemental building blocks of physical reality, we see the polar opposites operating in a vibrant tango.  Observe the atom, with its proton (positive charge) and electron (negative charge) locked in a mutual love dance; remove one of them, and the atom falls apart.  Physical reality breaks down when there is a loss of balance.

In the human psyche we have an unusual problem; because we can choose to operate outside the pattern of balance and self–correction that is inherent in the rest of physical reality, we can take ourselves into such imbalance that the system of humanity may not recover.  It’s the blessing and curse of being endowed with free will.

But the more balanced we become as a larger system, the longer we have to correct the choices we have made which have led us to imbalance.  Every step towards balance we make creates a more stable system, ensuring a little more time.

I for one am working to create more balance within my own individual system, since I am a part of the larger human system.  I am working with my higher guidance and asking, what will contribute to balance within my system?  This ensures that I am moving towards optimal health and well being of my individual system.  The more balanced I am, the more possible it is that I am contributing to the greater balance of the whole of humanity.

In this way, I have come to understand that it is absolutely true that one person can make a difference.  And if that one person is so balanced that they inspire others to make more balanced choices, the wave of balance gets bigger.  The overall system gets more stable, more sustainable.

I have a selfish interest in seeing humanity make more balanced choices than we have in the past; I have children whom I have invested a lot of love and energy into.  I want to see them live long, full lives in a world that has a chance.  As it is right now, I’m not feeling too hopeful about the course that humanity has taken.

I also have a deep love and compassion for humanity; I think that human beings are remarkable little labs of experience, trial and error, courage and failure.  I really get the value of the human experience, why we came here, why it is such a precious trip we took.  Humans are amazing, flawed, beautiful creatures.  And we seem bent on destroying ourselves.

I am one of many voices advocating that we come back to our center and reevaluate whether we are making choices that contribute to the longevity of the species or detract from it.  Since Nature is the model for physical reality, and since Nature operates in balance, I see balance as the key.