I’ve been guided to start making videos!  I’m sure that my years of practice on my BlogTalk radio show “GoofyGoddess Radio” were preparation for this next step.  I’m grateful to have a way to interface with folks in an even more intimate way!

This first video of the “Wise Ways” series talks about the waves of energy we are all experiencing (and each person experiences them in their own, unique way).  I’ve been studying this collective movement for many years, correlating solar, lunar, geological and space weather events with my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences.  Since everything is energy, and since everything is connected, it has always made sense to me that when we get pulses from the Big Heart (Prime Source, or the original source of All Creation), that we would feel it.
Please enjoy my take on the monumental growth “pulses” from the Heart of All Creation, and what it looks like in our lives.