O men, grown sick with toil and care,

Leave for awhile the crowded mart;

O women, sinking with despair,

Weary of limb and faint of heart,

Forget your years to-day and come

As children back to childhood’s house.

~Phoebe Cary

I have known for a long time that humanity is embarking on a new beginning; since I was little, I have seen the pain inherent in the way we live, and have been systematically building my skills to assist in the birth of a new way of being. Except that it is not new at all. We have the gurus that we crave right in front of us, right here on earth, right now, in the children.

I remember at age 4 getting it how crazy the adults were; their reality was so dark, dramatic, fearful. It was all about being victim of something outside of them and finding ways to feel powerful again. In my young mind, it didn’t make sense to be so unhappy and afraid. I knew the reality here was flawed, and knew it could be different. I’d been having experiences of what some call God since I could remember; I knew that we could love one another and be kind and secure in the knowing of our lineage. My logic said, “We came from that love…surely we can behave like we did.”

But, no one listens to little children; it was the time of “be seen and not heard”, and not taken seriously, either.

I decided I would listen to children. I went to university to be a teacher, worked in the public schools, worked with children who had varying developmental issues, served in non-profit programs to strengthen families and empower children to be heard. Then I had my own children and the gurus were in my arms, teaching me every day. My life has been utterly changed by the presence of children in my home…not just in the sense of being grown as a world class mama, but in the sense of remembering what we all come from.

In the great changes we are undergoing, it would be wise to look upon the children as way showers. They are trusting, allowing of the unfolding, surrendered, and vulnerable. And look at their joy!  My sense is that our own inner children within us remember how to be this way, and that we can find our way to that remembrance. We must put our trust in the great mystery, and allow the magic to enfold us.