Working with the Solstice Squeeze

I’m finding the collective energy climate as well as the Holidaze to be lending itself to folks spacing out.  I’m accustomed to seeing some zombie-like behavior in my fellow humans, but it seems that in the last couple of weeks, people are EXTRA checked-out.  Drivers seemingly having no idea they are putting lives at risk, folks in the store running almost right into you, seemingly with no awareness of others…and we apparently had a record-breaking Black Friday this year, despite the Occupy movement bringing attention to the illness of excess consumerism!  Are folks
compulsively spending their money because the energetic climate is so challenging?  It seems obvious to me that folks are having a tough time staying present.

But the timing is such that it is very important to be present.  Seasonally, this is the time for putting things in motion for the next cycle.  Those of us who live closer to the earth know that autumn is the time of harvest when we gather our resources, busy ourselves with storing food, and scurry around to prepare for the dreamtime of winter (in the northern hemisphere).  Then we have the time of rest, the quiet stillness that the earth provides while things coalesce in the dreamtime and the universe responds to the intentions we set. It is during this time that the energy builds for and directs towards our next growth cycle, the spring.

Here are my 4 BE’s to maximize our Solstice potential:

Be Present

Don’t let this blessed time get away from you!  Checking out means you aren’t fully living your life…and if you aren’t, who is?  Focus.  Where are you right now?  Listen to the sounds in your environment.  Feel your body; are you constricted, cold, warm, open?  Do you see who or what is around you with your whole vision?  Are you aware of where you are in space?  Do you feel the ground under your feet, always supporting you?  Be present and you will be amazed at the miracles that sit at your feet waiting to be claimed.  The reward for being fully engaged is a wonder-filled life.

Be Intentional

Just prior to the dreamtime is a good time to get clear about what we want for the next growth cycle.  I was just reminded last week to revisit my definition of success, an exercise that I was given years ago by my angelic team.   I was reminded at that time that I could not be successful if the universe didn’t know what success meant to me.  DUH!  We must be crystal clear with ourselves and the larger energy that holds us all if we want to be answered in a crystal clear fashion.  So this week I’ll be asking myself, “Who I want to be?”  I’ll make notes and then set intentions based on what I discover about how my definition of success has changed since the last time I examined it.

Be Whole Brained

Our culture tends to value action without inspiration; that is, putting things into motion without knowing if they are spirit-led.  The left brain dominance of intellect and logic misses half of the equation!  The right brain speaks in images and feelings, recognizes patterns and values connectivity.  The right brain is the doorway to our subconscious and mystical conversation with our spiritual self.  Before putting things into action, sit down and hear the input of both of your brain hemispheres.  You can do this through making art or music as well as writing and speaking aloud about your intentions.

Be Active

We are physical as well as spiritual, mental and emotional beings.  It’s not enough to be inspired or to think about what we want to grow in our lives and try to wish it into being.  We also must DO.  Imagine if I said, “I choose to be a great writer” but never wrote a word!  If we truly want something to come into form, we must physically plant and tend to the seed – as well as decide which seed to plant.  This lets the universe know that we really mean it when we intend to be something more than what we’ve been.

Why the Timing is So Important

December 21 is a Solstice gateway; solstices, celestial rather than man-made events, are openings, a portal between worlds, and an invitation to enter a new space and create something different in our world.  We’ve been building as well as allowing old structures to fall since March.  We’ve been primed by The Great Pump to let go of things that aren’t right for us and to make room for what is balanced and in integrity with our core selves.  We’ve never been more ready to embrace a fresh, new life as we are now.  The planet has increased in vibration to the point that there is no turning back.  My angelic team likens it to being on one floor of a department store, then stepping on the escalator to get to the next floor; once everyone is on the escalator, the bottom floor just disappears.  There is no going back; we are all on the escalator and some of us are running backwards so we don’t move up, trying to find the bottom floor again because it’s what we know (that’s what resistance feels like).  Some of us are allowing the escalator to slowly move us up, having a pleasant conversation while we raise our vibration, nice and easy.  Others are on a race to the top (but once they get there they have to wait for the rest of us).  This is a metaphor for how humanity is responding to the rising vibration of the planet.  Certain realities are just not able to be accessed any more.

We can’t be who we used to be anymore than we can crawl back into our mothers.  It is impossible to go back; the world we’ve left behind can no longer be accessed.  Let’s get busy creating the world we want!  The time is now!