As a professional that regularly utilizes (and relies heavily) on my intuition, it is not unusual for me to receive information that is pertinent to my inner process as well as the larger collective of humanity.  I was doing some inner work the other day, sitting quietly and asking to connect with my inner WiseWoman, and was rewarded with a lovely reminder.

The questions I was prompted to ask her were:

  • What am I to BE at this time?
  • What am I to DO at this time?
  • Do you have any message or gift for me at this time?  

The answers to the first 2 questions were not a surprise, although good confirmation that I am on track in terms of my alignment with my greater will.

  • What am I to BE at this time?  I see my essence fly up into outer space, fast, and it is going so far out that I know it is connecting to Source.  My body is still here on earth, but the answer is to BE SPIRIT.
  • What am I to DO at this time?  I am here in  my body, and I see the world all around me, and know that my work is here on earth, doing work horizontally, or on this plane on existence.  SO it is clear that my spirit informs my work on earth.  DO good works.

But the answer that came swiftly with the third question is what feels so delicious, intriguing, and important.  In answer to my question, “Do you have any message or gift for me at this time“,  my inner WiseWoman handed me some object, placing it in my left open palm.

It was a letter “V”.

When I came out of the meditation, I was excited to understand what the “V” stands for.  Truly, I think it stands for a lot of things that I have seen in my life.  Some “V”‘s I have resonated with at different times in my life:











voluntary … and lots more.

But the “V” that feels the most important right now is VOICE.

VOICE is what we use to express our thoughts and feelings.  VOICE can be expressed through many means…art, music, movement, words.  VOICE is unique to the one expressing it…no one has the same exact voice.  Each of us has a unique voice that can express our unique point of view.  Our voices are meant to be expressed.

Poet Aida Nasrallah

But lots of us deny our voices.  We may be fearful or reluctant to use our voice; perhaps we have been told to “shut up” in one way or another.  We may even believe that we have nothing to say.

There are some very strange things, some very ugly things, surfacing in the collective human psyche right now.  The messages that women are “less than” have been in place for thousands of years, but it seems those messages are stirring up the pot of consciousness.  I know that many women who are paying attention are enraged.

We need to challenge these messages.  If stories are told that are not true, those stories need to stop.  And they won’t stop unless we challenge them.  But this takes some courage.

What’s the worst that can happen if we speak our truth?  Well, there are lots of those worst case scenarios happening right now.  And yet, we still find the spine to speak.  There are women all over the world that are standing up to be heard.

What injustice do you see?  How are you meant to speak about it?  What is your role in changing it?  If you were to ask YOUR inner Wise One for direction, what would she/he tell you?

I for one have lots to say!  Thank goodness for the times I have the courage to speak, dance, sing, draw, paint, collage, scream, rage, or cry what is true for me.  It takes some cajones… or in my case, ovarias…to overcome that inner fear or habit of being quiet.  My silence is not helping anyone; my directive is to use my VOICE.

(c) Licia Berry 2012


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