I’m so pleased to announce that Soul Compost is now a real book!  At 222 pages, it surpassed little “ebook” status and birthed its way into the physical world on 12/21/12.  Here is the description:

NEW! Soul Compost – Transforming Adversity into Spiritual Growth, 2012

Soul Compost Cover Final for web 367x475 Author

An intuitive, empathic little girl with a photographic memory has a love affair with God as she endures sexual, physical, emotional and mental violence. Raising poignant questions about the keen awareness of children, this book details the remarkable journey of an intelligent and intuitively gifted girl who stays alive and connected to her spiritual self, but loses that connection in her despair as she tries to mature in a broken world. As she grows into a woman, she finds the strength through love to fight her way back to the light, making “compost” out of the challenges she faced. Detailing her experiences without judgment or blame but with a keen eye of observation and understanding, the author shares an inspiring story of finding her way home to herself and to a growthful, joyous life. With practical suggestions as well as jaw-dropping insights, Soul Compost is a heartfelt, moving and courageous book. (Memoir, Inspirational – 222 pages)

First in the “Woman, Awake Series” by Licia Berry, a series that details five stages of her healing adventure.

For a print copy, order here www.liciaberry.com/author

For Kindle readers, order it on Amazon here

For a digital copy for your computer, order here: www.liciaberry.com/author

I am formatting “I Am Her Daughter” now, the next in the Woman, Awake series.  In IAMOD, I share the next evolution of my healing, which was learning to mother myself and the parts of my “Inner Tribe”, integrating them into my wholeness. A very positive and uplifting as well as practical book, I can’t wait for it to hit the shelves and to do readings and book signings all over the country.

I am organizing my local One Billion Rising project here in Tallahassee, Florida; I have met so many women (and a few men) who truly care about and support women and want the violence to stop. To learn more about this positive and empowering event, go to www.OneBillionRising.org

In the mean time, thank you for supporting me.  May we all remember that we are cherished and powerful.


Licia Berry

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