May 5, 2013 – Day 42 (6 weeks)


My family and I would like to thank you so very much for your love and support during our recent challenge!  I’m happy to report that Jess has been released from the neurosurgeon’s care, which means that his skull and brain are healing properly and will not need further surgical intervention at this time.  HURRAY! This is good news, of course!

We are still in healing and recovery mode; the neurosurgeon is the Crisis Technician, as we have lovingly named him, so his part of the team is now completed.  However, we are still in rehab mode, which means that Jess will continue with his physical and speech therapy, his medical docs, and his whole brain integration rehab at home with me.  His brain is still finding its way with the re-regulation of his autonomic systems, so we are proceeding toward the goal of Jess’ independence with his thresholds guiding us each day.  Today, Jess played a very low stress frisbee game in the park with us for 20 minutes…no running, no jumping, just very cushy walking and catching with no jerky motions…and he did GREAT.  Every day there is something new to celebrate.  🙂

OH, and the medical fundraiser that our friend Judee started for us took a dramatic turn for the better on the last day of the fundraiser, going from 79% to 100% in a few hours!  Several of you emailed or messaged me to say how your faith in humanity was restored after the hard events of late, watching people line up to support our family.  It truly is an amazing feeling to actually experience folks holding you when you are struggling to hold yourself.   Giving freely, total acceptance, no agenda….just showing up in the ways that we needed it.  We are so grateful.

I’ve received A LOT of sweet emails, comments, messages from you all thanking me and Jess for writing and being so truthful about our process.  Frankly, I really don’t know another way to be.  Writing the truth has been my mode of operation since I could write, so I am just doing what I know how to do.  But I am SO GLAD that what we offer here is of service to you.

So, what’s next for us?  I will continue to update you periodically when something important is going on, such as Jess’ 3 month evaluation with his neuro-psychologist   This evaluation will determine the doctors’ recommendations about Jess’ independence, and is scheduled for July 1.

I will also continue to write about whole brain integration work that I do as well as what I am learning about how the tools I have worked with during my  25 year professional career can help heal the brain in trauma recovery.  I continue to be blown away by how my life and training have prepared me for my son’s injury and surgery.

In addition, Peter’s “NO HELMET, NO BUENO” campaign is getting some attention from folks coast to coast who want to warn kids about wearing their helmets.  Jess has already been invited to be interviewed on the radio as well as to “preach” to a youth ministry about his experience   One of the visions during this time that came to us was of Jess standing in front of a very large crowd, speaking and teaching.  Perhaps he is getting a little practice in before he hits the Big Time.  😉

Our love and gratitude to all of you….and may your blessings toward us return to you tenfold.  Until the next time…



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