a memoir of unapologetic healing

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The choice to make good from her challenges was a decision to “compost” the adversity in her life, growing a thriving, enlivened being full of heart.  With a keen eye of observation and understanding as well as startling insights about the evolution of human consciousness, the author shares an inspiring story of finding her way home to herself and to a purposeful, joyous life.  Insightful, moving, and courageous, SOUL COMPOST argues that each of us is a Warrior and has the resilience to recover from difficulty to make beauty out of hardship.    (Memoir, Inspirational, Feminist – 222 pages)

First in the “Woman, Awake Series” by Licia Berry, a series that details five stages of her healing adventure.  Click here to learn more about the Woman, Awake project.


  • a healing memoir about incest and recovery
  • the story of multiple modalities of successful therapies
  • an illustration of the power of inner creative work—writing, visual arts, body movement, and holistic practices—to aid in inner transformation
  • a hidden revelation that the role that a spiritual life can play in recovery from PTSD, written in non-denominational language
  • a very frank, tender, and vulnerable narrative of recovered memories and their aftermath
  • an affirmation of every woman’s resilience to overcome trauma or challenging experiences


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