Jess and I leave for our spiritual journey tomorrow morning EARLY…we are going to try to make for San Antonio, a long 14 hour drive from Tallahassee, Florida.  We have been packing and pulling special equipment together (ceremonial things), journals, art supplies, snacks, music and reading for the road.  Our plans include writing and making video to record the journey, and we’ll post regularly to share the spectacular scenery of our heart-home of the desert southwest.

But it seems it really began today when we sat down this morning to talk about our intentions for the trip.  For Jess, this is a true Vision Quest…the seeking of a vision for how to fulfill his intention to bring more light into the world.  This is something that I call his “life intention”, an “umbrella” intention that over arches all the smaller intentions underneath it.  As we sat in quiet space and envisioned our trip, we both had a sense of the largeness of this quest.  I know we will be changed in positive ways.

In the mean time, we are traveling the I-10 corridor, stopping in San Antonio, in the Mimbres, Tucson AZ area, Albuquerque an Santa Fe areas, and coming back through Austin.  We anticipate a 3 week trek, staying with friends almost the entire trip, getting us back in time for Jess to re-enter school and begin his life again.  If you are en route and would like to say hi, please be in touch, either here, by email or on Facebook.

We feel blessed to have this opportunity to interrupt ordinary reality for a long enough time to really allow for intentional, internal transformation to take place.  xo

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