When I was a little girl, I was keenly aware of power dynamics.  I watched the dance of dominance and victimhood, both in school with the other children and at home in my family.  I can think of no examples in my early life in which there was a mutual respect of equals regardless of age or gender.  The person in power was the person who took it; the rest were the persons NOT in power and who felt they must acquiesce to the demands of the person in power.

I encountered this in preschool with my first teacher, who was unwilling to allow us 4-year-olds to explore our own lives as direct connection to and expression of Source.  At home, I experienced loss of power at the hands of my father’s lust and my mother’s fear and own unresolved victimhood.   I could feel when my power was taken, a feeling I know now to call “soul loss”; it is a sensation of being cut off at the knees, of having the ground stolen from underneath you.  It results in a profound sense of loss and grief.

Later in my life, still acutely aware of power dynamics, I would watch time and time again the dance of power in my interactions with others.  I would expect to be treated as an equal only to find overt or subtle power plays with other adults through their need to control or feelings of superiority.  OR, I would treat someone as an equal, such as a client or business partner, but their preference was to be seen as less powerful, to be the underling and make me the “expert”, the “guru”, the one on top.  I have also watched my own unhealed fears cause me to grasp at power or to give my power away in moments of doubt.  These situations left a bad taste in my mouth and a grim dissatisfaction, all the while honing the edge of my awareness of power dynamics even sharper.

I have learned a LOT of lessons in my life about power, both the sharing of it and the abuse of it….in fact, I might say that partnership in power is the primary lesson of my life, and the one that has equipped me to speak and teach about the healing of our dance with power as we come into the Aquarian Dynamic.

The out-going Piscean dynamic is one in which abuse flourishes because it is a POWER OVER dynamic.  By definition, that means someone has to be “above” others. It is a competitive, hierarchical structure which relies on taking of power by those on top and the surrender of power of those underneath.

The Aquarian dynamic, as is referenced in multiple writings by Machealle Small Wright of Perelandra fame (and several subsequent published articles of my own since 1998,) is a dynamic of partnership and equality.  It is a POWER WITH dance, one which recognizes the equal importance and validity of the unique and various roles we play in All Creation. Yes, we are different, but we each carry a special and vital piece of the puzzle, and it is recognized that any piece of the puzzle that is left out makes for an incomplete puzzle.

In the Aquarian dynamic, we are also aware that appearances are deceiving; for example, a child, while young of age and small of body, is an equally immense spirit, who has the important task of bringing us fresh information from our collective intelligence, the unified field from which the child recently emerged.  An impoverished person with no education may appear they have nothing to teach us, but in fact they hold a key to the universe that we don’t have.  My husband and 2 children and I left our consumerist culture for a 7 year Vision Quest to learn to embody the Aquarian Dynamic in our family, a kind of mobile-spirit-intense-learning-laboratory experience that has resulted in an incredibly in depth understanding of power equality in all of us.

Recovering the feminine ways of knowing from inside our brains, bodies and psyches is an important part of embodying the Aquarian dynamic.  My work and advocacy for women is my way of bringing balance to that dance, of calling forward the feminine and masculine partnership into being.  Being born a woman, I feel equipped to speak from a female point of view.  I think this adds a meaningful component to my struggles with power as we stand at the turning of the tide, the re-emergence of the feminine and her request that the masculine step up and dance in partnership with her.

I have been working on a specific body of information since 2010 that explains what power equality really looks like in our world, spoken in the language of the yin/yang, or the feminine and masculine principles.  It was given to me during a passionately creative summer in the form of 81 channeled collages which tell the story of humanity since the beginning of our separation from our Source, to beyond our present time. As I have been translating the material, I have over 600 pages of manuscript.  Obviously, it is a lot of work to put together, but this has given me the opportunity to LIVE the material since I received it; this material has profoundly impacted my understanding of power and where humanity is headed in its evolution. I look forward to sharing with you in its entirety.

In the mean time, I have been teaching some of the material in my teleclasses and eCourses.  Perhaps this heralding in of a new age for humanity calls to you…perhaps you feel you even came here to assist in the birthing of the Aquarian Age.  If you’d like to join me in learning some advanced information about how to live an embodied Aquarian life, please enjoy y writings over the years (found here on my website) and my empowering educational offerings.

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