ENERGY UPDATE by Licia Berry

April 22, 2014

The larger energy window we are experiencing is so profound I almost don’t know how to talk about it with you.  My esteemed astrologer friends have been talking about the Grand Cardinal Cross (goes exact at around 3:00 am EDT Wednesday April 23, a few minutes after my exact 49th birthday moment) and heralding this as one of the great events in human history.  I am sure that this interesting configuration of planets in our solar system in relation to earth’s position is indeed creating some kind of “star gate”, a kind of lens through which Prime Source energy pours, bathing us in a unique quality of light.  For me personally, this amazing larger energy added to my unique birthday portal is quite an energy boost!

The way I’m experiencing it is to be taken down to some of my bedrock beliefs and behaviors and ways of being ME.  This person I’ve come to know over these 49 years still has her most basic elemental wiring and blueprint information…it just takes some uncovering of the vines and debris that grew over it to re-find it.  My Original Design is still intact (and so is yours).

I’ve been using this term for years…when I talk about Original Design, I mean the architectural plans of the code of our body, the DNA strand, the ancestral energy lines that we flew in on as well as our unique spiritual and soul configurations.  It is my great joy to have interacted with many of you and see your own Original Designs as beautiful cathedrals and palaces of human experience.

As I stand here naked in my Birthday Portal in the center of this Grand Cardinal Cross, I am feeling a calm stillness, a centering, a coming home to Self.  A neutrality and pure acceptance that is what I associate with Prime Source energy, or the original source of All Creation.  A kind of zero-point moment, where there is no agenda and there are no desires….it almost feels like there is no breath.  Not in a panicky, struggling kind of way…but a peaceful sense of the timelessness of the universe.  Is this the collapse into the center of the cross?  The sweet spot of the marriage of heaven and earth, feminine and masculine, spirit and matter?  My sources tell me Yes.

From this vantage point, I can see myself quite clearly.  This fragile, sweet human who has been working so hard to heal herself so that she can be of service touches me.  My heart feels compassion for her and for her struggles to survive, to be allowed to be herself.  She is a good human.

I quote from my newest book, I Am Her Daughter:
“From this place, I recognize this moment as the healing of what I call The First Wound, the moment of separation from our Prime Source, the original individuation of the masculine from the feminine energy.  It is echoed in what I conceive of as the Second Wound, or the Mother Wound.  I’m seeing the two wounds as eerily similar, one a hologram of the other.  As I have been guided to heal my inner masculine and bring him into partnership, he has trudged his way across the eons of time and space in my inner universe, at times reluctantly.    But the nearer he comes to my inner feminine, the more joyous and willing he becomes because he recognizes her love and the bliss in her arms.  How ironic that through embracing the duality of physical existence we then experience the collapse into Oneness.  Partnership of the feminine and the masculine IS Oneness.”

And Oneness, the center of the cardinal compass, the Grand Cross, is where I’m at.


Licia Berry

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