Maleficent in the Mist (or, our lurking Mother Wounds)

Maleficent in the Mist (or, our lurking Mother Wounds)

ENERGY UPDATE by Licia Berry

From my Personal Energy Mechanics System (PEMS)

June 30, 2014

My experience in the last couple of weeks (and intensifying) is to feel a measure of chaos and breaking down of existing structures, internally, mentally and in relationship.

I noticed on the heels of Mother’s Day that June held a Mercury Retrograde and a New Moon in Cancer, signaling a seeming return to the depth of our issues with Mother (both our earthly mothers and our Great Mother), and ushering in an incredibly rich invitation for Mother Projections to occur onto other women in our lives through communication glitches.  OUCH.  I mean, YAY, another fecking growth opportunity!


Projection is a psychological term and defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as “the attribution of one’s own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects; especially:  the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety.”  In my experience, it is a coping mechanism when confronted with our internal wounding that we haven’t fully healed (or even taken ownership in some cases).

Projections are a tricky, nasty business, because if we externalize our own shadow and wounding onto others, we believe that other people are actually responsible for our discomfort, anxiety and pain.  The “Original Wound” may very well have been the responsibility of another person, probably something that happened to us as a child and probably at the hands of our parents.  But if we don’t heal that “Original Wound”, it becomes a black hole for everything in our life that even remotely resembles the energy quality of that wound, gravitationally attracting and sucking into itself more levels and layers of pain.

The trouble is, we can’t differentiate between the “Original Wound’s” pain and the new, added layer of pain…and so the entire “Original Wound” gets activated and we get triggered, creating a seismic emergency response to what may have been a flea bite.

And partly invoked by this particular energy window, our mother wounds are getting triggered left and right, and nowhere more potently than with other women.  NO, the universe does not hate you and want to personally take you down to your knees (that would be a projection).  YES, it is because the universe conspires in our favor and wants us to be free and clear, expressing and expanding life through an open vessel.


As I mentioned last week on my Facebook page, keep an eye out for communication issues, especially with other women.  By all means, employ responsible and non-violent communication, using “I” statements and taking responsibility for your feelings and your actions.  Be kind and soft if you can, err on the side of caution, and back away if the situation does not seem to be diffusing.  It is perfectly acceptable (and in integrity) to say, “I’m going to give this some thought and take a little space right now.  I’ll get back to you later.”  In fact, this may be the most responsible course of action so that you don’t unconsciously create more pain through harmful words.  With a little space and breathing room, we will most likely come back to the situation with a more realistic (and present-day) perspective.

AND, keep an inner ear to the ground for EMOTIONAL RESPONSES to situations that seem WAY out of proportion to the present moment.  These are indications that you have been triggered into an older wound, maybe your mother wounding, and it may not have much at all to do with the other woman that you were triggered by.

Don’t try to suppress the emotion by denying that it is there…it just is, and go deal with it responsibly.  Scream bloody murder into a pillow or beat the shit out of the bed with a plastic baseball bat or go for a run or something that will physically release the energy. Emotion is a REAL physiological, chemical, neurological and energetic response to something we encounter in our day, and the wave of energy it creates in our body needs to be expressed out of the body…just not AT someone else.  Don’t create more harm for yourself or others.

So, what do we do if we’ve been triggered?  Once the internal sirens are wailing and our heart is beating and we feel in the grip of a tidal wave of emotional response, shaken to our core, it is too late to get “untriggered”…we are already in full-blown seismic response.  BUT, we CAN RECOGNIZE that we are triggered. THIS IS THE WALK AWAY MOMENT.  This is when a person who desires to keep as much peace in the world as possible says, “I seem to be triggered right now, so I am going to walk away and give this some time to cool down.”  Take a breath and WALK.  Don’t get dragged back into the conversation.


And don’t make any big decisions when triggered!  We tend towards fatalistic, dramatic decisions when we aren’t in our usual centered, sensible state.  WAIT…give yourself the gift of time and space to make any plans (or to break them).  There is nothing wrong with giving yourself the gift of a little time!

LATER, when you have cooled down and gotten some perspective on the situation, ask clarifying questions with a clear intention for resolution.  What did you really mean when you said/did that?  Is there another way we can approach this situation?  What do I truly need to take responsibility for, and what apologies can I make? (Hopefully the other party will be in this same spirit and offer the same to you!  If not, you probably don’t need to be hanging with them anyway.)  What can we do to resolve it and bring peace?

And that is the end of what we can do with others…NOW comes the REALLY IMPORTANT PART of healing the “Original Wound” that caused you to be triggered in the first place.  And this is where the great treasure (and greatest freedom) lay.


As long as we continue to walk around in the world with unhealed wounding, we will continually seek to project our pain onto the outer world as the cause.  In this way, we don’t have to take responsibility for them, making the external world our “parents” and ourselves victimized children in perpetuity.  If we want the recurring pain to stop, we must break the cycle by coming back into ourselves and taking ownership of our wounds, then choosing to employ every method we can access to heal them.  Psycho-therapy, energy work, body work, and other healing can be of great support to us.  ALWAYS choose a responsible practitioner that you feel you can trust (interview them to be sure, before you are on their couch or table!)  You don’t have to heal alone, thank goodness….we can help to guide one another into a freer, more whole state.  And the reward is clarity, freedom, JOY.

The ways we were hurt by our others and the wounds we have not healed are being brought into exquisitely painful focus right now…all in the name of love and release and freedom.  THANK YOU, Universe, for this grand opportunity.


Go see Maleficent, the latest Disney (yes, I said Disney) fantasy film, with a great re-telling of the old “Sleeping Beauty being awakened by the True Love of a handsome prince” routine.  It will refresh you in an earth-medicine, feminine way, and it will bring up your mother wound so that you can blissfully set your intention and surrender it for healing.

Xo, Licia

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