One of my areas of expertise is assisting women survivors of sexual violence to reclaim their true power.  I support this through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes to mend what’s been torn and facilitate the weaving of the whole being.

It is very common for a survivor to “hold” energy in their gluts and hips, blocking the flow of energy through what I call THE major “Generating Center” (otherwise known as the 2nd chakra in some circles).

The open flow of energy through our Generating Center is a huge KEY to our fulfillment, joy, and abundance. I practice yoga therapy poses specifically designed to open the hips as a physical support.  I also utilize emotional release techniques to clear the chemicals from the cells that typically are held after a body experiences trauma.

The sacrum is the central bone of the pelvis, running from the waistline in back to the tailbone.  The Psoas (so-az) muscle is a major muscle that “joins the upper body and the lower body, the axial to the appendicular skeleton, the inside to the outside, and the back to the front…It forms part of a group of muscles called the hip flexors, whose action is primarily to lift the upper leg towards the body when the body is fixed or to pull the body towards the leg when the leg is fixed.”


In other words, it is one of the group of muscles that helps us MOVE FORWARD.

For a survivor of sexual violence, this is a tremendous issue.  Trauma has a negative effect on the body unless it is immediately processed through and out of the tissue, such as when as animal tremors and shakes after being chased (but not caught) by a predator.  This is the body’s way of releasing the rush of chemicals induced by terror.

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For women who’ve experienced sexual violence, we tend to “hold” trauma inside of ourselves until we have a supportive environment to release it.  I advocate finding a qualified and trusted therapist for those just starting this journey, as was so helpful to me when I began my recovery 25+ years ago.

For those women who have made progress in their healing and are looking for a seasoned guide from the wisewoman path who can support your JOY, fulfillment, abundance and success in spite of your experience, I invite you to take a look around my website.   I’d be honored to be a guide and witness in your journey.

To reclaim our True Power as women who’ve been sexually violated, we are called from deep inside to do the necessary healing and freeing of our bodies.  The intellectual component is a part, but not all, of the puzzle of returning to wholeness and reclaiming our life, our joy.  I experience a DIRECT correlation between the openness of my hips and my success…in playfulness, in sexuality, in relationships, in business…in other words, every area of my life.  There are many other components, obviously, to healing ourselves; but the hips are a big part of enjoying our freedom.

Learn more about my recovery from sexual abuse that supported my return to my True Power:

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