Woman promises to self

It’s coming up on Mother’s Day and for so many people, it’s a time to celebrate being WITH.  Being with family, especially with mothers or daughters is a big part of this holiday.  Flowers and gifts are exchanged and the deep nurturing and heart connection between a mother and her children is celebrated.  True, healthy mothering is held up as the ultimate way that someone can be with another human being.

And for others, it is a time that the feeling of being WITHOUT cuts especially deep.  For daughters and sons who did not experience that healthy mothering, this day holds up a cruel mirror that reflects being different, other, less than.  Who is so imperfect that their mother cannot love them, so unworthy that they are left behind, so broken that they are not fixed with a mother’s kiss?  Who is so empty that she never creates and carries a child, so flawed that she cannot fulfill her ultimate calling?

Over the past several years as I have been writing I Am Her Daughter, I have been immersed in the experience of being WITHOUT on one arc of the circle and bathed in the experience of being WITH on the other arc.   I am an un-mothered daughter and I am also a mother to two grown sons.  This pull and tug between WITH and WITHOUT is a difficult one.  Sometimes, it feels as though the WITH is not strong enough to outweigh or counterbalance the WITHOUT.

I am happy to say that WITHOUT is not forever.  That deep emptiness and yearning that comes from being un-mothered on Earth can be healed.  There is a mother out there for all of us. The Divine Mother—The Feminine Face of God –is waiting for us if we reach past our brokenness.  She will guide us to be WITH her and WITH one another as we work to heal the planet.

When our hearts are held in the embrace of unconditional acceptance, we blossom.  Our fears and doubts that we are unlovable melt away.  My life was utterly changed when I asked for the love of Great Mother.

Let me teach you how to move past WITHOUT and enter the sweet space of being WITH – with the Divine Mother, with your healed self, and with others who are working toward healing the global wound of being WITHOUT.

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