Recent events in my country have brought me back to an important remembrance: Pain is a great motivator.

Every time I’ve experienced intense pain I’ve awakened to important realizations.

You may have heard that “Pain is a message”, as a reference to being guided by pain to know what we need to heal.  I have an important question to ask you.

How will you USE your pain?

This question may surprise you in this pain-denying, death-defying culture.  There are lots of pop- “spiritual” do-gooders who say we shouldn’t dwell in conversation about pain.  There are even some who say we shouldn’t even allow ourselves to feel it!  We’re trained to RUN from pain, to bury it, suppress it, pretend it isn’t there.  Let’s think positive and maybe it will all go away….

But wait….what if our pain is the key to who we truly are, at a SOUL and HEART level? What if our pain is a key to our unique purpose, vision, mission and BRILLIANCE?


I have found this to be true, over and over again.  Being willing to dive headfirst into my pain, I have discovered riches and treasures untold.  I’ve found my reason for being, and uncovered “divine assignment” to be of service in my own unique way.

Collective/Ancestral Pain – It Isn’t Always About You (and yet…)

Did you know that our personal pain is also a message about what needs healing collectively?  And ancestrally?  And did you know that it is showing up in your life because you are the one with the power to heal it?

In my book I AM Her Daughter – The Healing Path to a Woman’s Power, I share how we can break cycles of pain through healing ancestral lineages…generations plagued by genetic patterns of poverty, addiction, emotional burdens, physical and mental maladies, and abuse, to name just a few.  Can you imagine what a beautiful world we could create if humanity took responsibility for healing our ancestors’ pain?  And we CAN.  We are in the power position to do this good work…because we are alive.

Look at your life…where is your greatest pain?  This is the same place that is your greatest growth edge. AND…the same thing you are here to offer to the world!

It is no accident that our greatest pain is passed on to us by our families.  The great influence that they have in our lives is the conduit that reveals the ancestral wounds which beg for healing.

We have the choice…live with the painful wounds, pass them on to our children and their children, and so on…OR take responsibility and break the cycles of dysfunction…freeing our ancestors from their shame, guilt, remorse and grief about failing the lineage they were assigned to proliferate and therefore protect, freeing ourselves to LIVE a life unencumbered and joy-filled, and freeing our descendants and future generations from the bindings we suffered.  Our collective experience in this country will vastly improve with every ancestral lineage healing we can initiate.

SO what is your greatest pain?  In that lies a treasure greater than anything you have ever experienced in your life. By turning bad medicine into good medicine, making compost of the crap, transforming lead into gold, we shift the relationship with our pain into our power.  We reclaim the pain as something awful that happened to us into something that turned us into who we were meant to be.  And life is utterly RICH as a result!!!

Our pain is our prize.

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