Art Nouveau Altar, (c) Peter Berry

Hello Sweet peeps.
What a time it’s been watching 2016 crawl to a close. So much loss, and yet so much to he grateful for. These last few days of the year I am truly trying to stand in honor of this bizarre year as the great teacher and revealer that it was.

I wanted to share with you some thoughts in the last couple of weeks that has given me a lot of Hope. Some of what I’m about to say won’t resonate or even make sense to some of you. But I hope that you will look below the words or the need for logical understanding to feel the the love and intention with which I offer it.

We are in a window of Light right now.

I am accustomed to being sensitive to light, both physical light (of the sun, bright lamps etc.) and Greater Consciousness Light. For many years I have felt that our world was infused with Light in the form of Consciousness Beyond ourselves, perhaps here to assist us in awakening to our own light.

This last summer as some of you know, I was guided to take a pilgrimage to Southern France to see and photograph and experience the Black Madonnas. It was a greater spiritual odyssey unlike any I had personally undertaken, and and much was revealed to me during that six weeks that I had not understood before.  I was even given the language to write a post about the shores being removed from the ship (looking back, I can see I was being warned that the supports I was accustomed to leaving, and it was time for me to sail under my own power.) 

One of the things that the Marion intelligence has taught me is that the feminine has been with us all along, even though the culture created by Humanity’s striving for knowledge and power had buried her in our Collective psyche. This intelligence also taught me that the feminine is strong and holds all things that occur even if we cannot sense it or see it. I wrote about all of this in my recent book, #IAmHerDaughter.

She reminded me while I was on my journey that it is the masculine within the collective human psyche that needed healing, not the feminine. And so while I traveled alone in a foreign country in which I did not speak the language, I was in constant submission to the Divine Feminine with the intention and request that the masculine be healed.

My journey coincided with what I can only describe as a wave of extreme disorientation as I felt Light withdraw from our planet. It was very confusing after being accustomed to so much Light in the form of consciousness (some might say Angelic help) being with us, witnessing, providing a mirror, providing a model for Humanity.

I myself felt plunged into a darkness that I haven’t felt in decades (the last time I am told we were in this level of darkness was in the late 1990s.) I had some personal consequences of this shift, among which were feelings of a great Death, and an intense anxiety, and couldn’t quite find my Center again until recently, when I was shown that this shift had occurred. My gratitude for this information is unbounded and is why I am sharing it with you here.

The timing of this withdrawal of the Light was end of July/beginning of August. We have been operating in this world on our own power since that time, without the same level of support and assistance. The reason for this as near as I have been able to understand it through my translation sessions is because we were being given an opportunity to wake up on a collective scale.

We were allowed to steer the ship (or more accurately, allow others to steer the ship while we were busy looking at our phones or distracted or feeling disempowered about our lives or our condition or our culture or our vote). We were allowed to let our darkness/lack of presence/consciousness (internally and in our world) take us to the port that we are currently docked in now. Great job everyone! Look at this amazing opportunity we’ve created for ourselves.  I’m not kidding!

The pain that has resulted from our Collective Darkness has had the desired effect, and the Light has returned (I perceived it on December 19).

I am experiencing the Light return as nothing less than miraculous, personally. I’ve regained my Center and footing, and feel connected to the larger Source of Light by whatever name you call that.

The larger love that holds and permeates this universe has reminded me, in my own weird ways, that consciousness and love are the same impulse. And that Light is another form of consciousness, and that truth will reveal itself when Love is slathered on untruth like so much butter. I love butter.

I wrote this post today after rereading my 2012 post. Do you remember? So many people were worried about the world ending. It didn’t… but we were ushered into a period of time in which we had the choice to accelerate our growth, to step into our considerable power… or keep in our seats and just go along for the ride. Many people just went along for the ride. Over the last four years I have watched and wrung my hands, at my own limitations and habits of hiding from my power, as well as watching amazing women and men ducking and dodging and stepping back from their power.  It’s been a disheartening feeling of powerlessness for me.

Well guess what, folks. Here we are, awake and not liking the port that we have allowed ourselves to be taken to very much. Here we are. KABAM!  Spark ignited!  There is Light all around us now…so much love and assistance available for us, waiting for our direction and our request for support. Now is the time to sing the world you want into existence like never before. Speak your intentions loud and proud, with the full conviction and belief that your intentions are being heard by the Great Ear of the Universe.

My understanding, for whatever it’s worth, is that we can turn this ship towards a beautiful port. We are held and supported to the degree that we request and allow that support. We are steered to wonderful places to the degree that we give specific directions. My life has been about learning to work with the Greater Intelligence to grow and evolve as joyously and efficiently as possible. I have been teaching this material for a long time, and I’m available to support you.

Take heart. Our time is now. We’ve been preparing for this our whole lives and are made for this extraordinary opportunity to create the world as we see it. Now run along and exercise your power to create it into being. Let me know if I can help you (I’ve halved the cost of a first session with me, and am creating a subscription service for 2017 for affordable longer support, as a thank you to the Light for returning and to those who are ready to step into their true power. )  I also offer several free services…many years of articles on this topic on my blog will remain free of charge for you to read, as well as my radio show and youtube channel.

Much love to you,
Licia Berry