Dear hearts.
All of the Consciousness work that we have been doing, some of us for decades, has been preparing us for this moment.

There is no end to the inflaming posts and concerning articles and tweets and comments…there will never ever be a moment where you can catch up to them, answer all of them or feel resolved in your own mind about them. The fearful voice is always the loudest. There is no end to fear unless we put an end to it ourselves in our own mind.

Step back. Come home to your inner core. Be Discerning about how much you can handle. Yes, be awake, alert and responsible as a world citizen. But remember to be discerning. Discernment arises from a calm, neutral inner landscape. We are no good to anyone if we are off center. If you allow the outer world to pull you off center in every moment of your day, there is no one home.

Come home. The still, deep waters of your internal Self provide refuge. Don’t abandon yourself in this time when it is the most important to be vigilant about tending to your soul. Maybe more than ever before, the world needs us to remain steadfast…stable…solid… and sacred… in our service to the greater whole and in our devotion to the deeper truths.

Xoxo, Licia
Licia Berry – Author, Artist, Steerswoman
#TheFrontierInside #SoulCompost #IAmHerDaughter
Image: “The Prime Source: She Creates Worlds” (c) 2016 Licia Berry
In collection of the ALoft Hotel, Tallahassee Florida