Well.  Here we are.

The #Covid19 ( #CoronaVirus) is gripping Earth with its talons, waking us from our slumber and disconnection. We are seeing unprecedented giving, opening of hearts, and creativity. The pouring out of generosity is heartening, beautiful, hopeful, and the way to get ourselves through this.

I’ve had my moments, like anyone facing possible threat to survival. I’ve taken care of business; I’m stocked up and nurtured my family and #DaughtersOfEarth tribe.  And now I feel at peace because I asked my ancestors to show me the way.

You are made of your ancestors, as I wrote in I Am Her Daughter.  They are you, and you are made of Them. There is no wall between the memory, skills, and scrappiness that they worked to get through challenging epochs in their times and YOU working that same hard-won wisdom, except the one in your mind.

Your body knows the way. I feel that the Collective Heart’s response (the generosity we’re seeing) is an ancestral one. A memory of times when our ancestors weren’t sure they would survive and were awakened to the one thing that matters most…Love.


Collective/Ancestral Wisdom

In my book I AM Her Daughter – The Healing Path to a Woman’s Power, I share how we can break cycles of pain through healing ancestral lineages…generations plagued by genetic patterns of poverty, addiction, emotional burdens, physical and mental maladies, and abuse, to name just a few.

But did you know that the wisdom of your ancestors is also your capacity to be resilient, calm, and clever in hard times?

Call on them, and do it now. You can do this in any number of ways…there are many paths home, after all. Just make sure that you do this from your heart.  

WE ARE ALIVE. This means we are in the powerful position to choose to employ the wisdom and memory we were born with, or to choose to do it alone. It is truly up to us.

We have the choice to free ourselves from the shackles that western culture has invited us to wear, and open the door to our #AncestralMemory and the hundreds of thousands of our grandmothers and grandfathers who wish their lineage well. We can free the knowledge that transcends time and place from its internal prison, and live our lives truly as free True Humans.


What is a True Human?

My Inuit Grandmother Kay told me that I was a True Human, which means a human that lives in the Center between the Above and Below, heaven and Earth, spirit and matter. The True Human is the human that walks in balance…with the Ancestors informing them as they live in this world. A True Human is one who follows their own alignment in their Creator as well as remains grounded on and into the Earth.

We are born to be True Humans, but most of us seem to have forgotten how. We follow other alignments like power, money, status, and other cultural “North Stars”.

Or some of us follow alignment in our wounding, staying the victim, remaining closed and fearful of life.

Neither of these is embodying the True Human, but they can if they ask humbly to be taught how to come Home to their true nature, before the culture wounded them and taught them falsehoods about their true nature.         

The pain and fear we are experiencing is the wake up call. Many ancient cultures have spoken of the prophecies and many oracles like myself have been training groups of people in preparation for this current situation.

In this tremendous pain and fear lay a treasure greater than anything you have ever experienced in your life. By transforming lead into gold, we shift the relationship with our pain into our power.  We own this moment. It is ours to shine. We make this awful thing that is happening to us into something that turns us into who we were meant to be.

Freeing ourselves to LIVE a life unencumbered and joy-filled, and to create a culture that actually SUPPORTS our true nature…this is our chance. We can free our descendants and future generations from the bindings we suffered. The Collective Heart of this world can prevail.

Can you imagine what a beautiful world it will be when our hearts are free to love? We can do this…with the support of our Ancestors. We are in the power position to do this good work…because we are alive. 

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