The video above was taken from a time that I was on the road for my book tour. I was promoting my (then) recently written book, “I Am Her Daughter: The Healing Path To A Woman’s Power.” What a joy it was to get to share the wisdom that I was given with the women and men in attendance. Did they come to see an author? Perhaps they’d heard of this blue-eyed Indian and they were curious. My hope is that I delivered profound wisdom that was carried with them from that night into the present. My hope is that they used what I shared to start healing their own inner wounding.

When I first came to know the Divine Feminine, I found great comfort in just knowing there was a nurturing presence in my life. My healing was not instantaneous and it is not a journey that necessarily has an end. It was a coming into knowing with the traumas faced in my life that caused pieces of my higher self to splinter. I would then spend time with each of those fragments and try to provide them a place of safety, security and love.

When I found parts of myself that seemed out of balance, it meant spending time in those places instead of running from them. It meant that in moments when I wanted to lash out at others, I looked at the why behind my anger so that I would know where I needed to work next. The road to healing varies by person. No one person’s story or pain is like another’s exactly. If you decide to take this journey to get to know Great Mother and to allow her to help you heal as she has with me, I invite you to be gentle and loving with yourself.

There are a couple of pieces of my book that really do a nice job summing up what it is I learned from the Divine Feminine. I encourage you to play the video above to capture exactly what I said and meant at this stop on my book tour. For those that prefer to read, I’ve transcribed the readings in the first two headings, below.

Who Is Great Mother?

Who or what is Great Mother? An excerpt from my book, referenced above: “…Great Mother is the name of the Love from which we come. Great Mother is the name for the Ground of all being, the most basic relationship that we have. I experience her as my ideal mother: kind, allowing, accepting, guiding, soft-embracing and nurturing, honest, insightful, powerful, responsible and wise.. trustworthy and as ancient as the Universe itself.

She is a model in my mind and in my heart, as well as a knowing in my body. She exists to me. There is no question. Whether she is a figment of my conjuring as an aspect of my own psyche, or an energy in the Universe, or an actual deity or any of the above…. It doesn’t matter to me. I feel her energy.
When I put my attention on her, her energy changes me for the better. As far as I’m concerned, she’s as real as I am.

I found my inner children very, very hungry for mother-love. This demanded the best kind of mothering I could find. My need for the perfect mother is what brought the Feminine Divine (or Great Mother) to me forward into my consciousness. I urgently requested her – and she answered….”

How Can We Find Our Own Connection with Great Mother?

“…Earth is our closest, most immediate, most consistently present and supportive face of Great Mother. How we treat the Earth is a reflection of that relationship. How each of us treats our body is a reflection of our relationship with Great Mother as well. And of course, that is determined by our relationship with our physical mother.
In the 2015 climate talks, the indigenous elders of many tribes of Earth reminded us to honor our Mother, the planet. They are correct to say that our fate is tied intimately with Earth’s health and wellbeing. Much can be done to remember our deep connection. I am not joking when I say that healing the Mother Wound is what will save our species from destroying itself. The reclamation of our relationship with the Earth is taking back what has been stolen, a redistribution of power and correct relationship with one another. We step into being fully human, what my Inuit Grandmother called True Human. We recognize the sacredness of All Life and our body. My observation of the interest in older aboriginal cultures and shamanism is that we are seeking to balance our relationship and recognition of the importance of our planet. If we are interested in the continuation of our species, then we must take back what belongs to us. We must become fully present in our bodies and reground to the core of the Earth; this is where our true power lies.
The intelligence of Earth is like Great Mother. She runs through everything, underneath our noses, in all things. There is nowhere that She is not. Because She is in everything, it is, therefore, easy not to see Her. Like the fish, when asked how it likes breathing water, replies in confusion, “What water?”, She is invisible until we make her visible, until we evoke Her presence in our daily lives. This intelligence is what everything stands upon and expresses from; it is the order of the universe and is, therefore, the Ultimate Truth. But like the all-powerful Mother that She is, She stands back and lets her children take the credit…”

Where Do I Begin to Find Communion with Great Mother?

Everyone’s walk with the Divine Feminine is unique. It usually starts with a pull to know more. You may feel a strong connection to the earth and the creatures that inhabit it. You may feel the need to help bring balance to an overly-masculine way of life. No matter how you feel that this work may be for you, it is important to take action on that call.
One of the ways that you can start to nurture that call is to find someone to help guide you through the process of becoming the highest and best self that you can be. I am one such guide. Because of the work that I do, I am often called “The Guide to the Frontier Inside”. Make no mistake – this isn’t a class that you take and then get a quiz on. This is a body of work that yearns for you to sit with it, apply it, refine it and then take another step forward.

If you feel called to step into your own healing by claiming your own heritage as a Daughter of Earth ™, I want to encourage you to do yourself a favor. First, acknowledge that by healing your own traumas, you are doing your part to heal the collective whole of your immediate family, your extended family and the whole unit of humanity. While it won’t be easy, it will be worth it. Second, if you are looking for a guide to help you navigate the waters ahead, I would be honored to be considered for that role. I want to invite you to take some of my free courses and/or listen to some of the podcast work I have done. If what I share feels right, I welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation with you. Please reach out here and let me know that you’re looking for guidance and we will set up a time to talk about getting you started on this path in a way that makes sense for you. I can’t wait to learn more about you and help guide you to your own personal healing.

Sending big love,

XX – Licia