I love new cycles.  I enjoy bringing intention and attention to the endings and beginnings of things; it just feels holy to me to honor the passing of something old and celebrating the emergence of something new!

With that in mind, I like to consider a theme for the new calendar year as they roll around.  I have had some amazing support from Higher Consciousness in terms of suggestions at the start of my years; inevitably, the themes turn out to be predictive in quality.

I was so excited after years of outrageous growth, uncertainty and movement that 2011’s theme was “Stability” for me, and that has absolutely been the case.  I’ve had so much stabilization of my foundation this year; feeling so much more solid under my feet means I can build and grow in new, exciting ways.

However, this coming year I propose a more universal theme of “Self Love”.

I say universal because when I tune in to Higher Consciousness, I’m told that Self Love is a theme that will work for everyone, not just me…that we are entering a larger cycle and energy opportunity in which we can ALL benefit from this theme.

Let me explain what I mean by “Self Love”.  I feel that we are misinformed about what Self Love means; Self Love is not selfish or arrogant, but sane and kind.  To truly love ourselves does not mean that we will run rampant and cause chaos and destruction because we are so self-centered.

Self Love is compassionate, responsible, even.   I envision having reverence for ourselves as if we were our own beloved child, similar to how a divine source might have reverence for us.   I suspect people that grew up with conscious, loving parents know how to do this for themselves because they were treated as if they were loved unconditionally.  And yet, we can all learn how to do this…it is a choice that we can make every moment, every day.

There are 3 reasons why I feel Self Love is a worthy pursuit:

  1. Reverence for ourselves as Human Beings – the fragile, animal bodies that we inhabit; the mixed up, mashed up fracas of a world we have created; the building of our lives for years and years with our hopes and dreams while the threat of death ever looms to take it all away from us…I feel we must have compassion for ourselves as we live in a world that challenges our survival!  What courage it takes to be human, to choose to live and do the best we can each day!
  2. Reverence for ourselves as Spirit Embodied – Creation continues unceasingly through sheer playfulness and generosity.  Like a fractal, there is an unending unfolding of new life, new expansion, new creation.  The universal courage we must innately possess as spirits to enter this frontier, where consciousness is expanded through the playground of physical experience, played out in an infinitude of scenarios!  While our human self may live from a limited viewpoint of trying to stay alive, our spirit never forgets our immensity, our divinity, or our infinite nature, never forgets what we come from, and reminds us that we come from Love.
  3. Reverence for our part in All Creation, and that Love for Self means Love for Others – Making choice to care for ourselves from a place of love means that we are enabled to make choices to love others; how we are inside is how we act outside.  It all starts with our relationship with self.  And learning to love ourselves is one of the greatest acts of service we can give to the world.

And this is where we’re at in our evolutionary development.  Humanity has fully explored separation, power over, dominance, authoritarianism, patriarchy…we’re now coming into an era of partnership, union, community, balance.  Coming into union with all creation means coming into union with ourselves.  The integration that occurs internally when we choose to stop making war on ourselves, to see ourselves as both human and spirit, and to have love for ourselves and others, is nothing less than the key to changing our lives and the world.

I invite you, as one aspect of All Creation, to join me in the choice to hold ourselves tenderly as we navigate the creation of a new cycle.  We have the chance to enhance our time on earth so much by choosing love as our mode of survival.

Many Blessings in your new year!

xoxoxo,  Licia

If I can assist you in determining a supportive personal theme for your 2012, contact me to set up your individual session!