If anyone ever tells you that you’re separate from God, don’t believe them.

Take it from me. This lie has led to such suffering, such madness, and such darkness, collectively and individually.

(By the way: Please feel free to substitute whatever you like for the word “God”.  I know it is a trigger for some.  I use it interchangeably with Creator, Spirit, Prime Source, the Big Bang, The Great Black Hole that started everything, the Heart of the Universe, Meta Intelligence, Consciousness, and the Intelligence That Runs Through All Things, among others. To me, these are simply different languages that we are using to talk about the same thing.)

I’ve traveled this path of knowing our connectedness and our goodness (early childhood before my mind was turned), then buying in to the projections of people (parents, family, church, teachers, community) who had already bought into the belief that there was something wrong with them (passed down culturally for thousands of years), and then re-emerged into the sunlight of knowing my direct connection to the intelligence that made All Things.  Through stubbornness.  Through my anger.  Through longing.  Through trusting myself over others.  Through my yearning for the truth and the remembrance of what I knew when I was so tender to this world.  Through finally being willing to bear the label of “liar” or “crazy” or “delusional”…or even the accusation of betrayal… in order not to betray my own soul.

I was the lonely orphan traveling in the dark wood, lost and crying, face dirty, hair tangled, clothes ripped….crying for my mother and father, crying for love and belonging.  I believe at a larger scale this is really crying for God.  I feel that we are all trying to mend the wound of separation that we have been inoculated with, and it is correct to use this kind of clinical terminology because it IS an affliction. Our indigenous American ancestors knew this and called it “white man sickness”.   I would venture to say that belief that we are separate from the intelligence that made All Things is a mental illness that much other mental illness stems from.

As I’ve written before, Peter told me 28 years ago when we met that the lie that we are somehow separate from God is what he deems The Original Sin (TOS).  I have to say that, over the years of intense examination of myself, the mind, human behavior, culture and healing, I agree with him.  The most beautiful story ever told?  No…..the worst lie ever told.

Do you remember being a toddler, a preschooler?  Do you remember your awe and wonder with the world?  Do you remember the feeling of connectivity with everything and everyone around you?  This is the TRUTH.  The rest is what we are taught by people we trust and who we depend on to teach us how to live as a human being in the physical world.  We must succumb or suffer the ridicule or punishment of that culture that fights for its survival…and it can fuck us up for the rest of our lives.  Poisoning our mind, poisoning our relationships, poisoning our planet…poisoning our understanding of God.

UNLESS.  Unless we choose to challenge the belief system that has created so much suffering.  Unless we choose to heal the wound.  Unless we choose to tap back into that knowing which I KNOW, (NOT believe…KNOW) from multiple direct experiences, lay inside of us, waiting for us to find it again.


Tell me, how could we be outside of the Heart of All That Is?  I’ve tried to find the accuracy in this and have come up empty-handed.  It’s not true.  And I don’t know this only from my direct experience, although that body of wisdom is solid as a mountain.  There is science to back it up as well as solid, practical common sense which shows us, for example, that our human heart is the mirror of heart of creation, the intelligence that makes all things.  Here’s my recent radio show which speaks about this.  The Meeting of Heaven and Earth – free Heart Meditation.

My life has been about mending this wound and bringing this message to people.  My readers know that I have been conversing with the Intelligence that created All Things since I was very young; my first memory of this direct connection is at age 2, and it has been consistent throughout the 48 years of my life except for when I was so caught in the illusion that I closed my mind to it.  I “came out” in 2001 to the public and have been writing and teaching and speaking about this message ever since.  Teaching how to re-connect, how to clear the filters, how to correct our alignment, how to come back home to this direct connection.   ALL of my teachings are predicated on this awareness.

To others who know this and want to share it….Being a messenger of the larger intelligence has its moments of peril.  

The projections of those who are afraid, because I am not speaking in their specific language about God (sorry, the Larger Intelligence that made All Things is NOT limited to one language).  The projections from others who aren’t taking the time to feel the truth of the words in their body, because they have separated themselves from that source of wisdom.  The projections of others who are afraid to step into that remembrance of their direct connection (“whew Licia, you play in a powerful playground,” not in respect or acceptance but resistance or fear).  The projections of those who feel the power of the direct connection coming through me, but are afraid of that power and put their own unacknowledged darkness on my face.  The projections of jealousy or hatred for the blessings and miracles I have in my life (which come as a result of that direct connection I am so desperately trying to share, you guys).  And those who dismiss the messages simply because they aren’t there, aren’t ready for that level of information.  

These things have led me to render myself invisible at times, not such a good strategy for a messenger!  The Big Me (spirit) knows the reasons for all of this and forgives, extends love.  But the human part of me feels sad about these ways of separating and feels scared and angry about the rejection.  

Soul Compost Cover Final for web

Here is a typical “mission as a messenger conversation” that I have every day (notice the collage I made above for the cover of my book Soul Compost is a reflection of this conversation….it goes something like this:)

Human Licia (HL): OK, I am putting this out there, but they don’t like it.

Divine Licia Informed by Larger Intelligence (DL): It’s alright.  Each in their own time.  Please keep talking about it.

HL: But they don’t get it.

DL: Some of them do.  Please keep talking about it.

HL:  But I’m getting tired.   (OR)   But I need to see more evidence that they get it.   (OR)   I’m getting really frustrated here…it feels like I’m banging my head against a brick wall.   (OR)  Maybe they don’t want this at all.

DL:  Licia, don’t be attached to the outcome.  Just continue.  There is a need for the message…do you see the state of the world?  Do you see how many are reaching for the remembrance of their direct connection, through many means?  Addiction, meanness, competition, power, grasping?  These are all symptoms of great pain.  Do you remember your own pain when you have doubted?  You are a mother…feel your mother heart wanting the world to stop being in pain.  This is how.  Hold them.  Please keep talking about it.

HL:  (SIGH).  Alright.  I know how to be a really good mother; I can hang on to that.  But I know they won’t like it.

DL:  (HUGS)  (SMILE) (FEELING OF WARM SUNLIGHT ALL THROUGH ME)   OK.  Please keep talking about it.


I love this poem “Seed Market” by the mystic Rumi, that I include in my PEMS telecourse as a reminder:

Can you find another market like this?


with your one rose

you can buy hundreds of rose gardens?



for one seed

you get a whole wilderness?


For one weak breath,

the divine wind?


You’ve been fearful

of being absorbed in the ground,

or drawn up by the air.


Now your waterbead lets go

and drops into the ocean,

where it came from.


It no longer has the form it had,

but it’s still water.

the essence is still the same.


This giving up is not a repenting.

It’s a deep honoring of yourself.


When the ocean comes to you as a lover,

marry, at once, quickly,

for God’s sake!


Don’t postpone it!

Existence has no better gift.


No amount of searching will find this.


A perfect falcon, for no reason,

has landed on your shoulder,

and become yours.


In the end, I can no more reject the request to be a messenger than I can deny my direct connection with the All That Is.  I will continue, and be joyful about it.  And so it is.



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