The Garden of Your Life is on full-speed Growth right Now!


SPRING HAS SPRUNG!  April is the month of accelerated growth…What are you growing?


My addiction to perfection prevented me from allowing my soul to fly.

There, I said it.

(deep breath)…

Revealing myself has been a frequent pastime in my writing, in my stories to the women around the fire at my retreats, in my experiences offered as wisdom to my mentees. My readers know that I am famous for sharing my deepest secrets about my life. I didn’t realize that I was holding this startling realization to myself until this weekend, when my inner guidance declared that my addiction to perfection had been holding me back.   Dang.  

In my work, I support women in coming into their leadership through their strengths…and through their weaknesses…because it is by embracing ALL of ourselves that we have the ability to affirm others where ever they may be in their life journey. I’ve embraced my darkness so much that I have crowded out the part of my psyche that is the Great Leader, the one who is here in my soul ready to step into the light. I was waiting for me to be perfect, to be ready.

But how perfect will we ever be?

April is the month where accelerated growth takes place; in this hemisphere it is Spring. Can we be a full fruit bearing plant without first planting seeds? Can we come to fruition as leaders without first allowing ourselves to make mistakes? Are we exempt from the laws of Nature?

Right now, right here….this is where we start.

We will never achieve a “perfect place” from which to launch our dreams. I will never be the perfect leader I desire to be because I am human. As with all things in Nature, we are constantly becoming. As I grow, I become more who I am at an essence/personality place. Did you know that soul has personality?

We always have to start where we are to become anything new. We must step into the unknown to realize our vision.

This is my growth curve this fantastic April of 2016. This is where I am heading, the dark leader that comes into the light. My soul, which has been through so much trial and testing – like the hardening of plants before they can be truly strong enough to bear fruit – is ready to take flight.

What is your growth curve this truly amazing April? Comment below and let me hear your story!



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