Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Dear fellow Daughters and Sons of the Earth,

The coming Eclipse is a window into profound change for us and our beloved planet. My data tells me that it began with the new moon July 23 and will extend through the end of November 2017.

The kind of change we experience is very much dependent on us as children of our lovely Mother.

I have been guided to do ceremony that entire day-and have arranged to be in the mountains of North Carolina in the totality path. I have also been guided to ask daughters of the Earth to please take part in the ceremony from wherever they may be. This would involve being available for about an hour during the eclipse time and being in a natural location and in sacred mind.

My guidance for the ceremony has been to pray and affirm 6 important points of consciousness on Earth.

These points of consciousness are seeking to raise the vibration of the planet and dispel the disruptive and distracting flow of data from consciousness that prefers that we are not in our power. When we are connected firmly and grounded to our planet’s heart and core we are not able to be shaken from our power. The birth-right of each of us as children of the planet is that we experience our direct connection and the Power inherent in that. (You can learn more about this ceremony by clicking here to sign up for my Eclipse video series.)

I’m posting this here in hopes that you have read my #1 international bestseller #IAmHerDaughter and know that our human world needs the affirmation of Great Mother to course-correct and create The Garden on Earth again. By “The Garden” I mean a home for all of us. One that is honoring and respectful of the Feminine.

Are there any among you who would be interested in taking part in this very important day?  And the subsequent months to follow? This is an important time of choice!

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