Licia Berry’s Illumined Collage ™ Retreats and Workshops


Licia Berry’s Illumined Collage ™ Retreats and workshops are a powerful whole-brain approach to accessing solutions. A fun, meaningful activity for corporate or group retreats, businesses, parties, for women’s circles, mothers/daughters or fathers/sons, and youth activities, a Collage Retreat is an insightful way to access the vast stores of wisdom we have within.

“I developed a different process than vision boarding, which is a left brain/egoic process of choosing from a conscious point of view. My Illumined Collage technique is a right brain/subconscious discovery process which results in guidance being given to you from the inside out. It is revelatory, a window into one’s psyche and spirit, and is used as an answer to a question. Rather than “I want a new car and a 6 figure income” type of thing we often see in a vision board, this is walking hand in hand with your greater intelligence, which guides your hands through your right brain.” 

It’s outside-the-box thinking.

The right hemisphere of the brain speaks in the language of imagery; when we access our right brain through images in collage, we are literally being given information that we cannot access through typical left-brain, linear thinking processes or the language of words.

Collage Retreats with Licia Berry consistently prove to reveal the answers and bring a holistic perspective to our most pressing questions whether they be business, relational, personal or universal.

Access the answers already within you or your team!

Licia Berry is a 25 year veteran educator, with professional experience in art, training, leadership and integrative systems analysis. Her unique blend of systems thinking and symbolic analysis brings a right-brain perspective to left-brain messages. She uses a whole brain approach to problem solving with collage art as part of the process.

Through Licia’s facilitation, your group or team will create evidence of the solutions you already have within you!

Benefits of Licia Berry’s Collage Retreats:

Example of a Custom Collage

  • builds and integrates teams
  • fosters communication
  • builds bridges
  • access solutions
  • gain clarity
  • find core values and strengths
  • greater scope of data
  • fresh perspective
  • out-of-the-box thinking
  • values all team members
  • strategize and problem-solve
  • appreciate other points of view
  • therapeutic applications
  • creative, enjoyable and fun

Contact Licia to schedule your Collage Retreat today!  GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE!

Private Collage Retreats for groups

You can grab your buddies and have a private collage retreat at your place or mine!  Theme is utterly up to you…do you want to collage about a question you are facing in your life?  Do you want to know about love, celebrate a marriage, new business, graduation or birthday, or even heal relationships?  Licia’s Collage Retreats are customized to YOUR needs and desires…and you are guaranteed to have a a boatload of fun and LOTS of insights!  $50 per person with an 8 person minimum.  Travel extra.

Private Collage Retreats for Individuals

Let’s face it, not everyone likes to work in a group setting.  Your Personal Collage Retreat will help you to find answers, solve problems or simply give you insights about yourself.  If you feel that a Personal Collage Retreat is right for you, Licia will host you privately.  Your Personal Collage Retreat includes:

Set up for your collage work: what do you want to accomplish?

Whole Brain access through Brain Gym postures targeted to your body/brain

Whole Brain Collage time-you make your own collage with my support (when you want it)

Translation of the images you chose for your collage-revealing the story, the answers, and the insights.

Personal Collage Retreats last approximately 2.5 hours, and are $250 per person/retreat.

Collage Readings

If you’ve made a collage and would like to know what the images may be telling you, Licia is an adept translator of symbols.

Make an appointment with Licia to interpret the symbolism in your collage – a whole new level of clarity and understanding! Reading the symbolism in your collage weaves a story about where you are in your life.

Long distance?  No problem!  Simply take a good photograph of your entire collage and send the jpg file to Licia by email.  Hourly rates apply.