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New Year Illumined Collage DISCOVERY BOARD (c) Retreat MP3

New Year Illumined Collage DISCOVERY BOARD (c) Retreat MP3

New Year Illumined Collage DISCOVERY BOARD © Retreat with Licia Berry MP3  (90 minutes of instruction) for only $19.95!


Join Licia for her patent-pending Illumined Collage DISCOVERY BOARD (c) Process, where you create a whole-brain collage for your new year that will show you the themes, lessons, supports and challenges (and the strengths you possess to handle them) in your next year! Not your usual “vision board” experience, Illumined Collages are visual evidence of a journey you will take inside your own inner landscape, with an intention to know how you can be your most authentic self in service.

Who will you be in the new year?  How can you show up and be of service to the world in your most self actualized way?  Take a soul-nourishing, creative and insightful mini-retreat in the comfort of your own home while you weave your new year into the making.

Packed with 90 minutes of information, support and encouragement as well as technical tools and skills, this MP3 includes:

  • Why collage is such a powerful self reflection tool
  • The importance of bringing closure to an old cycle as a way to properly welcome a new one
  • What makes Licia’s Illumined Collage Process different from other “vision boarding” or “treasure mapping”
  • The power of Vision Quest and how this is a way of learning our place in the whole so we can serve our people
  • The neuroscience behind why Licia’s Illumined Collage Process DISCOVERY BOARD is so accurate
  • Guided meditation and postures to invite you into a Whole Brain state
  • The how-to technical aspects of making a successful Illumined Collage DISCOVERY BOARD
  • How to read the collage for the symbolism and story that it reveals about your year
  • And more!

PURCHASE THE MP3 HERE for only $19.95

For less than twenty bucks, a gift that keeps giving ALL YEAR.



Go Forth – Saying Goodbye as my First Child Leaves Home

As I write this, the three guys I live with are playing football on the other side of the floor-length living room windows.  It is a hot, muggy Florida evening, my husband and two boys are enjoying some guy time, and my oldest son is going to college in three days. What a strange thing,


2012- The Year of Self Love

I love new cycles.  I enjoy bringing intention and attention to the endings and beginnings of things; it just feels holy to me to honor the passing of something old and celebrating the emergence of something new! With that in mind, I like to consider a theme for the new calendar year as they roll around.  I have


The Children are the Way Showers

  O men, grown sick with toil and care, Leave for awhile the crowded mart; O women, sinking with despair, Weary of limb and faint of heart, Forget your years to-day and come As children back to childhood’s house. ~Phoebe Cary I have known for a long time that humanity is embarking on a new


Glorious Debris, part 2

The continuing story of my Midlife Collage! After the initial 4 elements were in place, some months later I was guided to place the above image and wording on the back of the collage. What does this mean? First of all, for just one lovely image (it is artwork from the WeMoon calendar) to have been